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Warlock hero story in world of warcraft

Warlock hero story in world of warcraft

Warlock originates from the Burning Legion. It was the Eredars of the Burning Legion who created the Warlock and taught them the power of demon control and summoning them from the world of Twisting Nether magic .
This new method was so powerful that even demonic lords ( Dreadlords or Nathrezim ) resorted to it.

In addition to summoning and controlling demons, Warlock also used the elements of Fire and Shadow to turn them into a means of destroying his enemies. These black wizards can pull out their victim’s soul and life and feed on it. A powerful Warlock can use his black knowledge
to achieve incredible abilities . Appeared [. Summon the mighty Lord Hel’nurath and guard the fiery Xorothian Dreadsteed and defeat him, gain the power to control and summon this glorious horse-demon. A powerful demonic animal that only belongs to demonic masters (

Dreadlord ) gives the pedal.
Control of the Red Dragons by Nekros Skullcrusher The powerful leader of the Dragonmaw Clan pointed
to the opening of the Dark Portal between Azeroth and Draenor by two powerful warlocks, Gul’dan , Medivh
, and..

In this story and game, we only know about the events of two worlds ( Azeroth and Draenor ) and we know that the Burning Legion created warlocks in both of these worlds to be the source of destruction and suffering in battle with their black force.

Draenor Warlocks:

This world, known in the game as Outland, is the motherland of the Orcs and the place where the Draenei escape from the clutches of the Burning Legion and their commander is the powerful Dark Titan Sargeras.

Once upon a time, a powerful and cunning Eredar from the Burning Legion named Kil’jaeden infiltrated the Orcs to destroy the magical and ancient Draenei, who were once Eredars themselves, and by deceiving the power-hungry Gul’dan, he was able to defeat the demonic force. Inject their blood vessels (Orcs drink demonic Mannoroth blood to become demonic and their skin turns brown)

How? Yes by Warlock!
Orcs were very similar to Taurens before infection. Their magical power originated in nature (Nature Magic) and they called their magicians Shaman . Shamans used elements of nature to fight and help fellow human beings. Their highest Shaman was Ner’zhul , and Gul’dan served as his apprentice and assistant.

Kil’jaeden sensed Gul’dan’s power-hungry spirit and taught him the principles of Warlock. With their help, the two initially started a battle between the Orcs and the Draenei . Then, with their black forces, they prevented the shamans from using the force of nature. Now that nature no longer gave the Shamans strength and they were useless in the Orcs’ battle against the Draenei, it was the best time to introduce them to Warlock.

Gul’dan secretly formed the Shadow Council with a number of like-minded Orc Shamans. He was able to force the Blackhand clan, the commander of the powerful Blackrock clan, and a dazzling display of Warlock power in the presence of people of all tribes, to force the chiefs of other tribes to give him their shamans to become Warlock.
The Warlock group later came under the control of Cho’gall Warlock Ogre Trust and Gul’dan right-hand man , and changed its name to the Twilight’s Hammer clan , which still stands.

During the First War, after the capture of Stormwind by Horde forces, it was at the behest of the then Horde commander Orgrim DoomHammer that Gul’dan formed the Stormreaver clan under his leadership after taking the oath of allegiance . Their responsibility was to defend Stormwind . They also pledged to create a powerful Death Knight force for the Hord leader.

Many powerful chiefs of the tribe were killed along with Gul’dan in search of the Eye of Sargeras in the Tomb of Sargeras . Leaving the city of Stormwind during battle and searching the Tomb of Sargeras for its hidden powers, Orgrim DoomHammer killed all members of the tribe for treason, and the few remaining Warlocks (such as Drak’thul ) were isolated, ending the most powerful Warlock Tribe.

Azeroth Warlocks:
There is no set time for warlocks to enter Azrat. Some believe that in the previous millennia, the first invasion of the Burning Legion and their battle with the Warlock Night Elves entered Azrat. In my personal opinion, according to the sources in the Warcraft story, the only warlocks of that battle are the warlocks who entered Azrat from the world of demons, which can be referred to as the most powerful Warlock seen in Archimonde . (The highest known Warlock is Sargeras himself .) But it has not been seen since then that Night Elves have tried to follow Warlock principles.





In the second view, the principles of Warlock Gray became common among Azrat during the conquest of Medivh by Sargeras . This view documents the fact that before the Dark Portal was opened by Medivh and Gul’dan and the arrival of Warlock Hordes, activities and efforts in the principles of Warlocking were seen among the wizards and members of the Kirin Tor Magic Council , most likely by The conquered spirit of Medivh has encouraged them to do so because it was years before the appearance of the Warlock Legion Warlock in Azrat.

In any case, after the opening of the Dark Portal and the arrival of Hord, Warlock is known to this day as one of the most powerful warriors and wizards. A black wizard who has the ability to deal with a variety of enemies including wizards, warriors, priests, demons and dragons. With the ability to communicate with the demonic world of magic, he can seek help from demons from there, or by connecting to it, heal his wounds and even bring himself back to life after death. These are the things that make any fighter of any class think before engaging in a warlock.

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