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German Guild For The Horde

German Guild For The Horde

Blizzard himself conducted an interview with the children of this guild, the translation of which you can read below. I hope it benefits young but promising Iranian players!

How did you deal with the bosses for the first time? And I ask this question out of curiosity: How much gold do you spend repairing your items when you first want to play a boss?

The first thing we do is try to survive just to learn how to fight it. The next step is to master each of the boss skills. Some of us also make changes to our UI… It’s different for the cost of repairing each Raid, but overall the cost of repairing the item is high for the first time we hit a bus. For example, for Ulduar, kids can withdraw 80k gold from Guild Bank !!

A new Raid means a race between guilds to get World First! Tell us about Joe Guild in these situations!

These times are both sensitive and stressful for us. Because for a short time we have to strategize for several hours during the day. The competition between guilds around the world is important to us and we are happy for every World First we win, but we are also happy for the rest of the guilds when they win Achio !!! Because success, especially in a heavy competition, makes you emotional!

What do you expect from cataclysm?

We are happy for the change of the guild system, as well as for balancing the loot in 10man and 25man. Of course, it was good to continue Blizzard’s policy of “the player is important, not the class”.

What was the most important thing you got after 5 years of professional racing in world of warcraft?

Well, we had a lot of world firsts! But what I understand now is that the importance of those friendships and fun game is more important than anything!

(In other words, wow, one day it will end, but these are the friendships and memories that remain – the translator’s explanation!)

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