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The third boss tactic of Gunship Armory – icc in 25-man mode

The third boss tactic of Gunship Armory – icc in 25-man mode

This boss, which is more like an event, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful bosses that Blizzard has made and the artificial intelligence does its job well, and surely Blizzard has taken a lot of effort to make it.

The general story is a war between two ships, and our role in this war is to destroy their ship with Create Cluster Rocket Launchers , and while we hit the mobs and damage their ship. We have to defend our own ship.

I will explain to the alliance, of course, the only difference is in the name of the leader and the mobs.

First all the members have to take a Goblin Rocket Pack from a goblin on the ship and put it on themselves. Using this they can move between 2 ships, then the leader speaks with the npc on the ship and the ship goes up and the war starts.
He chooses 2 people as leaders and they go behind the tanks (4 people in 25-person mode) and start firing missiles at the enemy ship (the missile they hit hits both the mobs and damages the ship) and first The other members of the rider get into the enemy ship and start hitting the enemy mobs.

Note: It is noteworthy that the mobs in between have to be killed very quickly, and if the new mob arrives, you have to hit the old ones first, because the longer they survive, the stronger they become (RANK UP), so much so that if 1 minute passes They do 120% more damage than they come.

Note: The next thing to note is that every once in a while several mobs called Kor’kron Battle-Mage between the sides of our ships and their tanks, some people have to come back very quickly to hit them.

You need 2 tanks (3-4 tanks in a 25-man mode), one of which must always pay attention to the leader of the enemy ship, High Overlord Saurfang , and the other tank must hold the mob.

Note: Next, the same leader of the enemy ship, when we are in their ship, strengthens the mobs and himself over time, when the number of these spells (STACK) increased, everyone must leave the enemy ship very quickly to Reduce that spell, and then continue working again.

The leader can take the initiative in choosing to send Chiaro to the enemy ship, he can only send the women (meele) close to the enemy ship and keep the women (Range) in his own ship, this has 2 benefits. The first is to keep the women away from the dangerous spell of the enemy leader called Bladestorm ,Hit the enemy ship’s mobs.

In some servers and rides they focus on the dps, on the leaders of each group, and thus intend to destroy the ship, well this is possible, but given that the mobs become very strong over time, and more Zen puts a lot of pressure on the healers and the rider.

In my opinion, it is better to leave the completion of the ship to the launchers and focus on hitting the mobs.

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