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Crystallized Shadow Farming Guide


Crystallized Shadow is a trade item that you can create an Eternal Shadow with 10 of these items, just click on it after dropping 10 to create an Eternal Shadow.

There are various creatures in the Northrend area from which this item can be dropped, such as:

  1. Shadow Revenant
  2. Wandering Shadow


Eternal Shadow is an item that works in jobs including:

  • Alchemy :
  1. [Transmute: Ametrine]
  2. [Transmute: Dreadstone]
  3. [Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Earth]
  4. [Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Life]

  • Blacksmithing :
  1. [Battlelord’s Plate Boots]
  2. [Belt of the Titans]
  3. [Eternal Belt Buckle]
  4. [Legplates of Painful Death]
  5. [Ornate Saronite Skullshield]
  6. [Ornate Saronite Walkers]
  7. [Savage Saronite Skullshield]
  8. [Savage Saronite Walkers]
  9. [Socket Gloves]
  10. [Titanium Plating]

  • Enchanting:
  1. [Enchant Cloak – Superior Nature Resistance]

  • Engineering:
  1. [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
  2. [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
  3. [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
  4. [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
  5. [Nesingwary 4000]
  6. [Visage Liquification Goggles]
  7. [Wormhole Generator: Northrend]

  • Inscription:
  1. [Rituals of the New Moon]

  • Jewelcrafting:
  1. [Ring of Scarlet Shadows]
  2. [Shadowmight Ring]
  3. [Titanium Impact Band]
  4. [Titanium Spellshock Necklace]

  • Leatherworking:
  1. [Bladeborn Leggings]
  2. [Bracers of Swift Death]
  3. [Bracers of Swift Death]
  4. [Death-Warmed Belt]
  5. [Footpads of Impending Death]
  6. [Footpads of Silence]
  7. [Ice Striker’s Cloak]
  8. [Knightbane Carapace]
  9. [Knightbane Carapace]
  10. [Nightshock Girdle]
  11. [Nightshock Hood]
  12. [Trollwoven Girdle]
  13. [Trollwoven Spaulders]

  • Mining:
  1. [Titansteel Bar]

  • Tailoring:
  1. [Cloak of Crimson Snow]
  2. [Deathchill Cloak]
  3. [Ebonweave]


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