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Crystallized Fire Farming Guide


Crystallized Fire is a trade item that you can make Eternal Fire with 10 of these items, just click on it after dropping 10 to create an Eternal Fire.

There are various fire-themed creatures in the Northrend area that drop this item, such as:

  1. Raging Boiler : در Borean Tundra
  2. Seething Revenant Wailing Winds : در The Storm Peaks
  3. Unbound Firestorm : در Halls of Lightning
  4. Raging Flame : در Wintergrasp

  • I tested the last case, 4, and the following image is related to case 4:



Eternal Fire is an item that is efficient in jobs, including:

  1. [Transmute: Cardinal Ruby]
  2. [Earthsiege Diamond]
  3. [Transmute: Eternal Fire to Life]
  4. [Transmute: Eternal Fire to Water]
  5. [Transmute: Eternal Might]


  1. [Helm of Command]
  2. [Hellfrozen Bonegrinders]
  3. [Icebane Chestguard]
  4. [Icebane Girdle]
  5. [Icebane Treads]
  6. [Ornate Saronite Gauntlets]
  7. [Plate Girdle of Righteousness]
  8. [Savage Saronite Gauntlets]
  9. [Spiked Deathdealers]
  10. [Vengeance Bindings]


  1. [Enchant Cloak – Superior Frost Resistance]
  2. Enchant Weapon – Icebreaker


  1. [Charged Titanium Specs]
  2. [Nesingwary 4000]

  1. [Savage Titanium Band]
  2. [Savage Titanium Ring]
  3. [Titanium Frostguard Ring]
  4. [Titanium Impact Band]
  5. [Titanium Impact Choker]
  6. [Windfire Band]


  1. [Ice Striker’s Cloak]
  2. [Icy Scale Belt]
  3. [Icy Scale Boots]
  4. [Icy Scale Chestguard]
  5. [Polar Boots]
  6. [Polar Cord]
  7. [Polar Vest]
  8. [Trollwoven Girdle]
  9. [Trollwoven Spaulders]
  10. [Virulent Spaulders]


  1. [Titansteel Bar]


  1. [Deathchill Cloak]
  2. [Glacial Robe]
  3. [Glacial Slippers]
  4. [Glacial Waistband]
  5. [Sapphire Spellthread]
  6. [Spellweave]



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