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Crystallized Life Farming Guide


Crystallized Life is a trade item that you can create Eternal Life with 10 of these items , just click on it after dropping 10 to create an Eternal Life .

Now where should we get this item? There are several creatures in the Northrend area that this item can be dropped from, such as:

  1. Thornvine Creeper in Howling Fjord
  2. Woodlands Walker or Emerald Lasher in Dragonblight
  3. Servant of Freya in Sholazar Basin
  • But the best and fastest way to kill Mature Lasher is located in Wintergrasp.



Eternal Life can be effective in the following jobs and areas, including:

Alchemy :

Blacksmithing :

Enchanting :

Engineering :

Inscription :

Jewelcrafting :

Leatherworking :

Tailoring :

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