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World of Warcraft players are the most suitable people to work in companies


Researcher John Seely Brown believes that World of Warcraft users are the best employees for corporate organizations.

Brown is a person who specializes in the field of research on the structure of organs and departments.

“I prefer World of Warcraft top-level users to those with an MBA from Harvard University,” he says. Why
a game, a huge multiplayer game with more than 12 million users worldwide, and playing a title like World of Warcraft that can be viewed from two different dimensions, one personal level and Maybe the level of cooperation and partnership? Let’s not just look at this game in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of the social life in which it is common. ”

Brown considers the absence of traditional reward-based systems for game groups a success for World of Warcraft. In this game, the members of different groups play with their inner passion and desire, not because of the rewards and prizes offered.
Players voluntarily independently search and research various items and abilities in the game; And Brown refers to this ‘self-organization’ as “the structure of the formation of ideas and an idea for the improvement and refinement of their organization.”
Brown cites group policy structure as another success of the game.

” The
politics that govern these groups really revolve around meritocracy, so if you’re in the lead of a full-blown attack in the game, in the end you have to review your movements and reactions,” he says. Pay and this review of actions makes it possible for you to be criticized by other people. ”

In the traditional structure of office systems, a supervisor or manager has to set and measure the capabilities of his employees by creating a series of criteria and protocols, while in World of Warcraft this possibility is in the hands of users, and to Following that, users can create measurement criteria to improve and advance their abilities in the game as easily as possible. Regarding the prospect of reforming administrative structures in the 21st century, Brown believes that all employees should establish such metrics to improve their performance in the organizations and departments in which they work.

In the end, Brown introduces the game of World of Warcraft as follows:
“A wonderful educational space with powerful teaching tools that I think educational organizations in the world can learn a lot from it, and we in the world of management should have a lot of points. Make a lot of it. But it all comes down to understanding the concept of interest, the concept of curiosity, and understanding that this passion-driven phenomenon reveals aspects of teaching methods that will not be accessible in any other way. ”

Brown’s remarks are very similar to those of former EA Art Director Bing Gordon, who said last year that running a company was very similar to running a group in World of Warcraft.

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