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Twelve Boss Tactics The Lich King – icc in 25-man mode

Twelve Boss Tactics The Lich King – icc in 25-man mode

The latest Icecrown Citadel boss, this boss requires a professional play by each player, and if any problem arises for one person, this problem will be transferred to the entire ride and eventually wipe, all players should know. When they should be, where they should be and what they should do, and at the same time, terribly high speed of action is required, and in general, severe stress is felt by everyone.

You see in the Tirion Fordring area that you need to talk to Tirion Fordring to start the Fight.

Raid composition:

  1. 2 tanks are required for 25Man, which is used to control Lich and Add, which I will explain below.
  2. 6-7 Healers that should be considered in its balance for Tanks and Raid.
  3. 16-17 DPS, the balance of Range and Meele is very important for raid, because in the last phase, the balance between these two options is terribly needed, which I will explain.

You also need classes that can do Slow and Stun well, which I will explain below.

  • Phase 1: The Lich King In this phase, the Lich King must be placed at the bottom of the field .

lich Summon Drudge Ghouls manages every 30 seconds that the Main tank must control them (small)

Note : These add-ons can easily get rid of melee and there is no problem with them.

Shambling Horror every 35 seconds , which must be controlled by the off tank. (big)

Note : These add-ons put a spell in front of them every few seconds. OT must hold them so that they are back to this add-on.

Note :Shambling Horror must survive until the end of Phase 1 so that if someone gets Necrotic Plague , they can remove it.

Note : While keeping at least one Shambling Horror alive in Phase 1, you must keep the HP of this add-on so that no add-on is alive when you enter Phase 2.

lich In this phase, every 25 seconds a Debuff called Necrotic Plague a player which causes that player to receive 100,000 shadow damge every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.

To remove this Debuff, immediately after taking the Necrotic Plague , the player must go to a Shambling Horror to pass Debuff to him and save himself from this terrible Debuff.

  • phase 2 :

When the HP lich reaches 70%, phase 2 begins.

2.5 seconds after reaching the center of the court, a piece of ice is added around the perimeter and the lich begins to cast Remorseless Winter , at which point an ice wave of 45 yards is created that all raid members must be out of the area. Otherwise, the 7931 frost damge will hit you every second. This league will continue for up to 60 seconds until the third phase begins.

Pain and Suffering : After the on a few members every few seconds .Pain and SufferingRemorseless Winter

This Ability will give you about 4713 to 5287 shadow damge and 500 shadow damge will be given to you as a debuff for 3 seconds.

Summon Ice Sphere : Every 6-7 seconds, the lychee summons an ice ball near itself, which moves towards one of the members. The movement of this bullet is very slow and range dps must destroy these ice bullets before they reach the specified member.

Summon Raging Spirit : Every 20 seconds, Leach randomly performs a simulation of one of the members and throws it at Jon Raid. At this point, the tank must control this add and the dps must eliminate it.

Note : These add-ons, like Shambling Horror , damage the front of them badly and silence whoever is in front of them for 5 seconds, so the tank must come to the edges so that the front of these add-ons is towards the precipice.

Quake : After 60 seconds when phase 2 is over and you have Remorseless Winter , you have 1.5 seconds to go from the edge of the expression area to the inside of the area. Because the leach destroys the part that is added to the circle and if you are in that part, you will fall and…

Note : If you are Range Dps, pay attention to ice bullets, and if you are meele dps, only pay attention to Add-ons.

  • third phase :

Phase 3 begins after Leach Quake and pours the ground around the court.

In this phase, Shambling Horrors or Drudge Ghoul will no longer exist .

Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard every 40-45 seconds Val’kyr Shadowguard.

Val’kyr Shadowguard is to lift a member off the ground and start moving around the hall to throw the member down, so the dps must Val’kyr Shadowguard to release the trapped member. And back in the game, everyone Val’kyr Shadowguard can stun or slow down

Note : All Ride members must be in the center of the hall in Phase 3 so that if they are caught by Val’kyr Shadowguard their distance is farther from the edge of the precipice and the dps have more time to kill Val’kyr Shadowguard and release you.

Note : Note that all rides must be in the center of the circle but inclined in one direction because the Valkyr will go to the nearest precipice when lifting someone. Otherwise 2 valkyr may go to the right and another to the left, which It makes the job very difficult for Ride.

Soul Reaper : Every 30 seconds, the buffer hits the tank on the tank that is the target. This buffer causes the tank to eat a lot of shadow damge (60,000) and after 5 seconds, the buffer is removed.

Soul Reaper Note that when Leach casts this ability, the tank the damge after 5 seconds. Taunt and continue to work.

Defile : Leach hits this D-Buff on one of the members once every 35 seconds. When he receives the member Buff, after 2 seconds, a black circle is created under which everyone who enters the circle eats a significant amount of Damge.

This black circle disappears after 30 seconds. This person has only 2 seconds to get away from the rest and the others have to get away from it.

Note: The more players inside this black circle, the bigger the Defile size will be, there is no limit and it may fill the whole earth. So be careful not to enlarge it!

  • Phase 4:

After Hp Leach reaches 40%, Phase 4 starts, similar to Phase 2, except that the columns fall and you have nowhere to go to be safe from Remorseless Winter .

Do not worry, after Leach goes to the center of the yard to start Remorseless Winter , the walls will return to their original place and you will have to go to the walls very secretly and everything will be the same as phase 2.

  • Fifth phase (final):

After 60 seconds, when phase 4 is over Quake , cast the Val’kyr Shadowguard so that the walls do not break down. Ride to gather in the center of the salon.

Vile Spirits : Leach organizes a group of 10 Vile Spirits Spirits every 30 seconds .

While the Vile Spirits are moving in the sky, the range dps have to kill them and the meele dps have to lychee. Body

The best options for these sprites are Starfall Druid and Multi-Shot Hunters.

Harvest Soul : Leach randomly hits one of the members every 75 seconds.

The person who catches this deaf buff will attack 15000 shadow damge per second (for 6 seconds) and the healers will have to get rid of it quickly. If Hill does not die Frostmourne (Leach Sword) will gain power and 200%

Most attacks hit the tank (the tank may die on the spot) but if the person survives and survives.

One moves into Frostmourne and sees no sign of conflict. In the place where Terenas (Leach’s father) is fighting with Spirit Warden ‘s spirit .

You have to help the trens immediately. If you are a tiller, tilt the father of the leach king, and if you are a DpS, Spirit Warden involved with the warden.

Note : When someone Harvest Soul , there is nothing they can do in those 6 seconds, in other words, it freezes.

Fury of Frostmourne : When Leach reaches 10% HP, he gets very angry and hits everyone with a 100,000 shadow damge and everyone dies, but that does not mean wipe

The fight is over. Just watch the Leach King talk. The frozen Highlord Tirion Fordring breaks the ice and comes down. He breaks Leach’s sword. Ress does.

Then you accept and come to life to safely dps the remaining 10%.

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