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Warcraft story of the first and second wars


Warcraft story of the first and second wars

Warcraft I Orcs and Humans is Blizzard’s first product. This game tells the story of the first war.




Warcraft I Orcs and Humans is Blizzard’s first product. This game tells the story of the first war. But this story of Warcraft game series is also different from books. And according to Blizzard, the story of the game should be followed in books. I will bring you the differences between the game story and the book in this article.

After the story of the rise of the Horde, the Orcs saw their world being destroyed. Gul’dan (War’dan) Warlock the Great, with the help of Sargrass (actually Medium at the time), opened the door to inheritance. At this time Goldan falls asleep and Hord is left almost without a leader. Because Blackhand gave all the orders he gave to Goldan and the Shadow Council.

Orgronm Doomhammer then decides to summon Black India to McGurray. By killing the Black India, he leads the orcs and inherits the Storm Wind, the capital of humans, and by defeating them, he breaks down the Storm Wind and rushes to the rest of the hereditary world, namely the Lords and Lordaeron. These are all events of this game.

But Warcraft 2 Dark Waves actually tells the story of the same book Dark Waves, but with two big changes. The Orcs with their new allies, the Trolls and the Goblins. Were present.) Are headed to the Lord. Lotar, accompanied by the great witch Khadgar and the rest of the survivors of the First World War, goes to Lordairon to unite with the humans there to take action against the Orcs.

They manage to unite humans to bring the word “Alliance” to the game for the first time. Humans unite with the Dwarves, the High Elves, and the Gnoms to form allies (and another difference. Destroy)

At this point, two of the first Warcraft classes are formed. Archbishop Fowle teaches new people called Paladin. They used light and weapons to greet the enemy. Goldan also trains the first Death Knight. They destroyed everything with the magic of darkness and weapons.

The Allies and the Horde formally face off for the first time on the southern shores of the Lordaireon. After that, with the help of Pernold, who betrays the allies, they leave for the capital. But Goldan, along with two of the tribes under his control, betrays the Horde and goes to Sargras’s tomb. This betrayal greatly reduces the number of orcs. So the Hordes have no choice but to retreat to Khazmudan.

They retreat again and head for the Black Rock Tower. There, a historic battle of the Hordes is defeated, and the Allies defeat Lothar by losing the life of their leader, as well as capturing Orgrim II Hammer. The rest of the Horde are forced to flee to their own world. Khadgar also destroys the gate of darkness with his magic.

And we come to Warcraft 2 on the other side of the Black Gate, which is taken from the book of the same name. This game showed the world of Draenor to players for the first time. The story of this game is related to two years after the Horde War in Heredity. Nazrol, the first person to propose the formation of the Horde, wants to go to another world. So he tricks the orcs into inheriting things he wants, such as the Golden Skull and the Medium Book. There was still a very small part of the Dark Gate through which a number of orcs inherited.

After they got what they needed, they returned to the world of Dranur. They defeated the orcs, but failed to prevent Nazrul from escaping. Nazrol goes to Argus. This puts a lot of pressure on the inside and shatters, but before that the allies manage to escape. The world of Dranur completely disintegrates and becomes a new world called Outland.

But the fate of the descent. In the New World, he encounters Kil’jaeden, one of the commanders of the Burning Legion. Kiel Jane also makes him the first Lich King.



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