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Tactic Boss 2 Lady Deathwhisper 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 2 Lady Deathwhisper 10 man – ICC

For this boss, 2 healers, 1 tank and 7 dps are needed, and this bosss has 2 phases:

  • In the first phase, it does not have an Aggro boss, and every few seconds it hits a Shadow Bolt to one of the players. The boss is fixed in place and cannot be moved. The shield reduces the mana blood instead of the boss or HP with any damage to the player. You must continue to do damage to the boss until the boss mana is over.

But you should note that the boss summons Moobs that you must first kill those Moobs and then go to the boss. In 10 min, the first normal always comes from the left side of the Moob, then the right. And so on. This continues until the Boss Mana is completed.

  • After the mana of the boss is over, we enter phase 2. In this phase, the Moobs will no longer summon. In this phase, you must damage the boss.

In this phase, instead of the Shadow Bolt spell, the boss strikes another spell called Frostbolt , which badly damages the DKs and Rogue spells to break the cast. The damage is much less.

In this phase, the boss throws another spell called Death and Decay under one of the players and a part of the ground turns green and whoever is there attacks the amount of damage he does, so you have to move quickly.

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