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Tactic Boss 12 The Lich King 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 12 The Lich King 10 man – ICC

2 tanks are required because it all adds up and the most important thing is the balance of melee and range

Leach has 6 phases, but the last phase is not very important

And the best boss in the world of warcraft and at the same time the strongest and most beautiful and…

phase 1:

Leach looks like a DK, which is of two types:

  1. Smaller type that does not bother much
  2. A bigger type that is very, very important and almost all the tactics on phase 1 revolve around this add.

Well, in this phase, Leach throws a shot at the players, and when this is not the case, after 5 seconds, he gets 50,000 dmg 3 times !!

But when these are the additions, they mix it themselves, so they need to be alive by the end of phase 1!

phase 2:

When the heal becomes Arthas, it jumps 70% and goes to the middle of the hall quickly.

I am not talking about unimportant de-weavers here, for example, you get a series of de-weavers that will damage you 3K-4K, which is not very important

Arthas brings a series of ice balls from the sky that slowly pay attention to a person and hurt him, and the sufferings must hit him quickly so that he does not reach the end of the area, otherwise you will be thrown down.

And the main point of this phase is that you get a copy from a player that you have to hit quickly

This phase does not attack Artas at all

Phase 3:

Artas shouts and the ground starts to shake and you have to come quickly to the main area and that edge collapses!

Well, everyone should stick to the center of the hall so that our brother can call his gf!

A series of angels in between and every 40-50 seconds they catch one to win and you have to hit the angels quickly until they reach the end of the hall.

And he throws a creepy Dibaf called Soul Reaper , which causes 60k damage.

Every few seconds it puts a Defile under someone’s feet and a black circle that lasts up to 30 seconds and you have to move fast.

Phase 4:

On 40%, the same phase 2

Phase 5:

He shouts again and the walls fall, so he comes quickly . Do not panic in the yard. Artas takes 10 minutes to become wild.

Well, this is the last phase, so do not panic at all and just pay attention to the leader.

Harvested Soul also freezes Artas’s latest attempt to killthe dealer in this spell, and you must be spam heal to finish this debuff.

When Heal became Artas, 10% of Yahoo!

It kills everyone!

But do not be upset soon, in principle, you should be happy because it is over

Highlord Tirion Fordring first has a mystery and need with his god and Yahoo jumps like this Indian movie, throws Arthas sword and Miterkone.

Then Highlord Tirion Fordring shouts Rise Up champion Of the Light and revives you all .
And on Heal 1%, it says the most famous sentence of this patch:

The Lich King MUST Faaaaaall

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