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Tactic Boss 10 Valithria Dreamwalker 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 10 Valithria Dreamwalker 10 man – ICC

A completely different boss that instead of damaging it, you have to heal it so that the other half of it is full in 10 min, normal and each hero must get 6 million heal.

I want 5 Dps and 5 to the Healer. If the healers are not less, it does not matter much.
One of the most dangerous ones that has 2 level :
  1. Fireball : Casts a spell called that deals about 5k damage.
  2. Lay Waste : AOE Fire damage with 4.2k Damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

It level a corrosion called Corrosion , which reduces its Armor by 10% for every attack it strikes on its target. They do not have much HP and die quickly.
It has two levels:
  1. Frostbolt Volley that does 4k damage and slows down those who hit them, which is not very important.
  2. The second level is a bit bad, it makes a blue ball called Corruption , which if it is on an Rdps or Healer, it will kill 800 Mana per sec, so whenever you see this ball, stay away from it.

Butcher-like moobs that do the most damage to the reed have a level called Gut Spray , which deals about 13k damage and hits 2.5k per second for 12 seconds, and the amount of damage from Physical attacks. 25% increase!
After it dies, 8-10 worms come out of it, which do not have much life, but they can easily kill a person because they have a high attack speed. Reed members should be aware of these worms.
  • suppressors
A group of Moobs that go directly to the boss and attach something to the boss that makes the boss get 10% less Heal, for example, if there are 5 on the boss, it gets 5 Debuffs and 50% less Heal. The faster They must be destroyed.
The boss itself level to help players:
  • Summon Nightmare Portal : The boss kills 3 portals every few minutes, which are preceded by a series of green scouts before they appear.
These portals only benefit the Healers. Everyone who enters these portals does not see any trace of conflict and in fact enters a virtual space and can even fly in this space.
In this space, there is a series of green clouds called Nightmare Cloud , which when you pass by, an excellent Buff called Emerald Vigor on that person who regenerates 200 Mana every 3 seconds and for each charge + 10% Healing done And + 10% Damage done to the recipient for 35 seconds.
Tip 1 : Only one person can pass through each portal, that is, the portal disappears after one person clicks and no one else can use it.
Tip 2 : Not all healers should be inside the sand portal, at least 2 healers should stay and heal the body.
  • Dreamwalker’s Rage : Another interesting level that when the Health boss is complete, the boss rises and after 3 seconds of Cast, it deals 10 million damage to all its enemies and in fact, everything Moob in the hall dies.
Heroic mode: In this mode, in addition to increasing some damage, there is another small difference, that while passing through the Nightmare Cloud that are inside the portals, you will get a damage that is not much, and considering that you are a Healer You are not a problem in this regard.

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