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In World Of Warcraft , quests are the most important thing and continue from the beginning of the game to the last point and determine the game process!

Your list of quests opens with L.

1- Number of quests taken
2- By clicking on the quest and hitting this button, the quest location is displayed
3- Quest name
4- Quest mode [ Complete ] – [Missed Failed ]
5- Quest description
6- Leaving Quest
7- Share quest
8- Mark quest

In the game we have 3 types of quests:

1- Quests marked in yellow can not be repeated after doing it
2- Quests marked in blue can be repeated hourly, daily or weekly
3- Quests marked in orange They are Legendry and usually end up giving very strong items

Benefits of Quests

1. A predetermined amount with the Server Rate coefficient will be given to you Experience and Gold .
2. The next quests will be unlocked (which is called Chain Queste ) .

After entering the game


1- Your hero
2- The person you clicked on ( Target )
3- A small map in the middle of which is your hero. [There is also a large map that you need to press the M button to goat ]
4- An NPC that gives a quest and because the quest is yellow means it is unrepeatable
5- In this section you can chat with other players
6 This section is called the Action Bar , which contains your Spells , Settings, Achievements , Talents and your hero information.

To start and get the first quest, right-click on the person giving the quest

This page is then displayed where the quest name is written. Click on the quest to continue

In this page, the quest information and its written requests, if desired, click on the Accept option at the bottom left of the page.

After taking the quest , click M to show the big map, in the big map, the area where the quest can be done is marked in blue.

After going to that area, for example, if you were asked to draw a number of creatures, click on the creatures. If you need to kill it , you will be shown at the bottom right of the page.


Start completing the mission


After completing the mission, return to the person who gave you the quest (if the quest is completed successfully, the exclamation mark becomes a question mark)


Right-click on it to open this page and click Quest

Now select your prize and click on Complete Quest at the bottom left!

First you are in a small camp, which gives a limited number of quests
. In the initial camp, when you hit the quest or in the fan servers by hitting a few units, when you reach level 8-9, you have to go to the next camp.
You can find it with the map ( Hotkey: M ), always try to use the road to move so you do not have to fight with wild creatures.
In some camps there is an NPC called Gryphon Master , which is marked on the green quest map. Using these NPS , you can move to another camp with Grhphon Master by the bird .

So wherever you see a green question mark, be sure to go and talk to that NPC . To free more routes for you.

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