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Thorim boss tactics in 10-person mode – normal and hard mode


Thorim boss tactics in 10-person mode – normal and hard mode

To hit and kill Thorim, we need one tank, two healers and seven dps in 10 mode. When the boss starts, first of all the add-ons in the middle of the area or the so-called fight must be killed.

  • This boss also has Abilities that include:
  1. Berserk: In the normal mode, this spell is Berserk , which hits the player with 500% damage and 150% Attack speed, and in its hard mode, it becomes Berserk , which plays 500% damage, 200% Attack speed, and the spells it plays, and 300% Health boss . It also increases
  2. Chain Lightning : This spell is like the boss himself throwing a thunderbolt at the player inside the rider, in order for the players not to be killed by this lightning explosion, 2 people, 2 people must be 10 yards apart, and if 3 people are on If they are placed on top of each other or next to each other at a distance of less than 10 yards, one of them will be killed.
  3. Charge Orb : In the fight round, there are objects like a lamp that once every few seconds a lightning ball is placed on one of these lamps and they light up, and players are obliged to distance themselves from that lamp, and if they do not move away, it Lightning strikes all the players near the lamp, which damages the players inside the ride.
  4. Lightning Charge: This spell is modeled in hard drive Lightning Charge , which is issued from one of the lamps described above to the Lightning bus, which is similar to lightning, and goes when the bus comes and absorbs this Lightning, and It throws to the other three lamps in the fight, which in its hard drive mode inflicts heavy damage to the ride, and in its normal mode, it becomes Lightning Charge .
  5. Sheath of Lightning : The hard and normal mode hard drive of this boss depends on a time of 2 minutes, which also depends on the tunnel on the left side of the fight, when you enter and start, and the first add-ons in the fight. The players are divided into two groups, half of the players go into the tunnel, which includes a tank and a healer and three dps, and preferably the rdps, which are the same two-wheelers, go into this tunnel, and the add-ons that are in this tunnel. They have to pull and go to the boss standing at the top. If they do this process before 2 minutes to reach the boss , if they succeed, they will be in the hard mode of the boss mode, and if they do not succeed, they will hit the boss in the normal mode. And when the bus is not started, the bus has 99% Damage taken before it starts
  6. Stormhammer : A type of hammer or hammer thrown by the boss towards one of the players in the ride, which causes that player to be stunned or fixed for 2 seconds, and if a player is close to him, he will be stunned for 2 seconds like the same player. Stays.
  7. Summon Lightning Orb : Summons a supercharged ball of energy and damages all players in its path.
  8. Unbalancing Strike : Unlocks the tank for 12 seconds, reducing 200 of the defense tank

Note: To kill this boss, the best class for a druid tank can be because the druid tank does not cause much damage to the defense compared to other tanks.

Note: The best class for Hiller is paladin holy and priest




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