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Looking for the best World of Warcraft source? Do you want to open a private server or just create a LAN server and play with your friends?

We will help you choose the best WoW emulator based on your needs! Here are some questions to ask yourself before reading this post:

What version of the game do you want to launch? Are you looking for a specific version of WoW (for example, the latest, classic, wotlk, etc.) or do you not care?

Is having WoW less or the quality of the game more important to you ??

How much experience do you have with WoW sources? Are you a beginner or an experienced server administrator?

Which operating system do you intend to use?



Azerothcore is a TrinityCore-based project (originally created as a sequel to SunwellCore) that supports version 3.3.5 (Wrath of the Lich King). One of the most important features of AzerothCore is the modular system that allows private server owners to download, install or customize scripts without the need for direct scripting knowledge. This makes it easier for the server to set up to keep their original version up to date and to reuse the custom code. There is even a general set of modules created by this source community.

This project has a large community compared to other emulators, and you can always find someone to help you with your Discord chat. This has probably made it the best World of warcraft simulator for beginners. Also, Azerothcore has a good number of active developers and a good quality assurance mechanism (they all test the changes on their repo or personal source before moving to the main Azerothcore Master branch). Azerothcore is quite simple and easy to install.

Thanks to the Docker configuration, you can install it on all operating systems. AzerothCore has grown significantly according to the number of GitHub stars in 2019 (Source):




Select AzerothCore if:

  • The quality of the game is important to you
  • You would rather have a project with an active and popular community
  • Enter the script quickly and without the need for any special script experience
  • You need a ready-made source to produce without having to hire a fixer or buy a source

Do not select AzerothCore if:
  • You want to have a huge development in world of warcraft
  • As mentioned, Azerothcore is a continuation of Sunwellcore and Trinitycore, and remember that when Azerothcore started its project, it did not have many Trinity updates and was always several blocks behind Trinity. The main issue is security and server crashes that can not be Adequate security used this source

Official website:

Official source repository:



Trinitycore is probably the most popular WoW source of all time. Many servers and other emulators are built on it. Originally created as the son of MaNGOS, he eventually surpassed his father.




The image above shows the number of contributions since its creation (source). Since 2017, core branch development activity has declined significantly.

From a game standpoint, post-WOTLK sources have not yet been implemented properly.

Also, in TrinityCore, some developers left (some working on the latest version of WoW, some with 3.3.5 and some with 4.3.4).

Select TrinityCore if:

  • Do you like the latest version of World of Warcraft?
  • You are a developer and you want to implement lost content
  • – Or –
  • You want to use version 3.5.3 (as an alternative to other projects like AzerothCore, CMaNGOS-wotlk, etc.)
  • Want to use version 4.3.4 (as an alternative to other projects like ArkCore, etc.)


Do not select TrinityCore if:

  • Your goal is to have the best quality game
  • You want a ready-to-use server that can be played from day 1

Official website:

Official source repository:



C-MaNGOS stands for Continued-MaNGOS and is a direct continuation of the main MaNGOS project. Due to the number of stars in the official GitHub repositories, it is the most popular in its WoW Classic repositories. Select CMaNGOS If: You want a Classic WoW server with a Classic WoW online server version 1.12 Prefer MaNGOS over TC Do not select CMaNGOS If: You prefer SmartAI to EventAI over that script Control and implement your own!

Official website:

Official source repository:




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