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Description of wintergrasp

Description of wintergrasp

Wintergrasp , or WG for short , is located in the northrend , where the alliance and the horde compete for possession.

WG because of the quests that give gold , honor and mark , as well as a dungeon called

Vault of Archavon is very valuable and there are other valuable raw materials in this land for various jobs.

To get wg

The two groups must fight like battlegrounds to win one, the winner can either use the voa dungeon and take control of the wg for 2 hours until the next fight.

The number of people entering the wg was previously unlimited, meaning that any number of horde and ally who wanted to could enter the battle wg, but now a certain number has been set for both groups who can no longer enter the wg range.

For information on the remaining time until the next wg you can see by pressing the “H” key in the bg tab above to see that from 15 minutes before wg players can be in the queue, which is required with one of the NPCs in See Dalaran and major cities

When wg officially starts, no one can use the fly mount in the wg range.

wg also gives players prizes after the fight. If you win wg , you get 3 marks, and if you lose 1 mark with the chips, you can buy items from the vendors in the same wg .

The way to fight in wg is that after entering wg , for example, if the alliances had wg in the previous round correctly, they play the role of defender, and the hordes play the role of attacker . If you are an attacker , your goal is to determine within 25 minutes. You can attack the enemy castle with armored vehicles and destroy the castle walls to reach the north of the castle and break the main wg so that you can reach the Orb and win your team with one click on it.

Of course, in this way , the defenders do not sit idle and cook in front of your allies. They can also use armored vehicles for this purpose.

To get armored vehicles, you need to have a rank . We have 3 ranks, which are ranks 1, 2, and 3. Ranks are obtained by earning honor . You get one rank for every 10 honors.

Attackers can take up to 16 Siege at the same time, which is the most powerful WG armored vehicle , which greatly increases the chances of victory. Siege can carry up to 4 players and the team that is a defender up to 8

wg also includes towers that are left by the previous owners during the conflict can help accelerate the victory of the teams in such a way that if a team hits the opposing team tower , the amount of time ( cooldown ) of the opposing team will be reduced.

Quests on WG are weekly Quests are both gold and stone keeper’s shards with which you can get the atoms you need and a considerable amount of honor

To enter VoA , for example, if you are an alliance , the alliance needs to be in control of wg .

The group that fails is doomed not to enter voa and get items that vendor those items only appear when your team wins

So it is better to participate in wg for the victory of your group .

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