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Assembly of Iron boss tactics in 10-person mode – normal and hard mode


Assembly of Iron boss tactics in 10-person mode – normal and hard mode

Assembly of Iron is available in hard mode and normal mode, and the difference between these two modes is in arranging the bosses. Fashion is the opposite.

Assembly of Iron bosses consist of three bosses, each with several Abilities:

  1. Fusion Punch : When the boss hits this debuff on the tank, it inflicts damage between 2828 and 1616 Nature damage per second, and if it does not dispel, the next attacks of the boss will be hit faster.
  2. High Voltage : 242 Nature damages every 3 seconds.
  3. Overwhelming Power : Target boss gets 200% damage done or increase power after taking this debuff, and after 35 seconds it creates Meltdown and causes 15 yards to cause 200% damage to the players.
  4. Static Disruption : One of the players must be in the farthest place from the boss because this debuff will hit the farthest person
  5. Supercharge : After the big boss is killed, 25% damage done is added to the other two bosses

  1. Rune of Death : When this spell is hit, players must distance themselves from each other because this spell only deals damage in 13 yards and the damage of this spell is 283 Shadow every half second.
  2. Rune of Power : The middle boss opens a blue portal under its own foot or under the feet of two other bosses that the whole ride is obliged to get to this portal immediately, because this portal gives 50% damage done to those inside it and in no way Buses should not be inside or on this portal
  3. Rune of Summoning : Randomly creates a Rune of Summoning near a player
  4. Shield of Runes : This shield breaks if 4050 damage is inflicted, causing the boss to increase by 50% damage done for 15 seconds.
  5. Supercharge : After the average boss is killed, 25% damage done is added to the other bosses

  1. Chain Lightning : casts the boss and only damages the 5 people nearby Nature damage and players can also hit the cast boss to stop this spell
  2. Lightning Whirl : When this spell is hit by the boss , the boss itself goes up and the tank is obliged to move the boss away from the rider at this time.
  3. Overload : The boss casts and players have to move away from the boss for 6 seconds at a distance of 20 yards, in normal mode 1616 Nature damage and in hard mode 2020 Nature damage does damage if you are at a distance of 20 yards or less
  4. Stormshield : When this spell is placed on the boss, it causes the boss not to eat any stuns and inflicts 20 Nature damage on the players.
  5. Supercharge : After a small boss is killed, 25% damage done is added to the other bosses

In general, to hit the bosses, two tanks are needed, one of which captures the medium and small boss and the other tank the large boss .

Normal Fusion Punch tactics are very easy and you have to go to the biggest boss and drag this boss with high bl and dps. boss hand attack in the next stage will be more with damage and speed.

Note: Usually for large boss , the paladin class is taken so that it can dispel itself, and it is also recommended that the paladin class take this boss .

Note: After a few seconds, this boss opens a blue portal under his feet called Rune of Power , which is 50% damaging, and the whole ride goes on this portal, and the tank that took the bus must also move the boss, with the boss inside. Do not damage yourself

After hitting the big boss , Ride should go to the time of medium boss , which also does not have a special tactic. To face

This boss has a spell called Rune of Death which is green and puts 15 yards under the rider. Shaman classes can reduce the damage of this spell with totem Nature to reduce the pressure on the rider. Separate, after passing this spell, come back to Damage Don – give Rune of Power and dps from Damage Don

When you defeat the middle boss , you go to the time of the last boss , which is the small boss .

The bus has a spell called Overload , where Ride has to be 20 yards away from the boss when the boss hits this spell, and when the Overload is over, come close again and give yourself a dps. If you are in Overload , the players may die in normal mode. Of course, it depends on the item, but in 100% hard mode

After the top spell, the boss has two more spells that go into the air and lightning hits under its own foot. The rides go away and the rdps beat the boss away.

Note: When hitting the top spell of the boss , it Overload at the same time that one of the players must hit the cast of the boss .

In hard mode, which we explained above, it starts with a small boss and you have to defeat this boss first and then the medium boss and then the big boss , that is, the paladin tank goes and holds the big boss in a corner, because this time it is not going to Hit the big boss first and Ride starts hitting the small boss

In hard mode, the small boss mode is not different from the normal mode, it is only the cast Overload that you have to hit the boss cast, and when it’s damaged (Rune of Power ), Ride must come to the damage and give dice.

When you succeed in defeating the small boss , Ride goes to the medium boss time, which is not added to the boss in the hard drive mode mode and is not different from the normal mode, but when the small boss falls, 25% damage is added to the other bosses. It is possible that the tank here receives a high dps from the boss . At this time, you have to move the boss tank and Rune of Death take it into the dungeon and the spell For example

The last boss , when the middle boss is hit, a debuff is added to it called Overwhelming Power , which throws it on its target and is 200% damage dungeon. He kisses you.

Note: The person who took this spell must be 15 yards away from the rider, if the other players are close to him, they will be killed.




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