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The add-on that we have prepared for you today and the direct download link below this post in the download box is called Cromulent, an excellent add-on in the field of level-up and of course the other applications that we mention in this post.

  • Cromulent is an add-on that if you do not know the level of npcs in the region, for example, you want to level up your character, you do not know where to go if the level of that area of ​​your character is not too high or too low, just after installing this add-on key m your keyboard Press to open the map and by moving the mouse on the map, the area will be displayed for you, just as easily

Note: Of course, in the post (by looking at these maps, you can level up better) we have specified the leveling areas for you along with the image.

  • The next useful feature of this add-on is to show the ins and outs of the game areas, which by moving the mouse on the map will show you the ins and outs that were located in that area.
  • Another useful feature of this add-on is the level view Fishing is for the fishing job, you no longer need to go randomly and travel a long way, to see if a certain area is good for fishing and fishing scale or not, by moving the mouse on the desired area, a useful feature will be displayed for you.


  دانلود ادونس Cromulent با لینک مستقیم

  حجم فایل : KB  65.6

 رمز فایل :

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