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World of warcraft game review

World of warcraft game review

The popular world of warcraft game, which is an excellent product of the big company Blizzard, is undoubtedly one of the best games in history.

The wonderful world of warcraft games are exactly in line with Warcraft because both are made by the same Blizzard company, but in any case, the style of world of warcraft is completely different from Warcraft. world of warcraft is one of the games that can only be experienced online.

This game is one of the MMORPG style games and you, as a hero whose task is to kill enemies, by taking advantage of a large number of skills and spells, you will acquire abilities with which you can hit your enemies. Enter and eliminate them.

World of warcraft game story

The story of the wow game is taken from the best-selling Warcraft novel, which was sold in several volumes in several different languages ​​around the world. The story of the game takes place on a planet called Azeroth, and it starts from where a new group called orcs move towards Azeroth, the destruction of their own world, and this move is not pleasant for the Alliances, and therefore the war is endless. Formed between the Hordes and the Alliances, of course, this war is not the only war game, and the two groups, while at war with each other, must also go to war with other enemies and demons on their own planet, Azeroth, in order to survive.

The horde & alliance are present in the game as two unions plotting against each other, and each of them is made up of several different races in the game. Of course, in the continuation of the game story, new planets will be added to the game.

World Of Warcraft was released in November 2004 and has six expansion packs to date:

  • The Burning crusade
  • Wrath Of The Lich King
  • Cataclysm
  • Mists Of Pandaria
  • Warlord Of Dreanor
  • Burning legion

And in the near future, the seventh expansion pack of this game called Battle For Azeroth will be available.

The release date for Battle For Azeroth is set for August 14, 2018;

World of Warcraft gameplay

Well, as we said before, this game is in the MMORPG style.

As a user, to start the game, first of all, you have to create a character (hero) completely for yourself. To create a character, you must first select a race in one of the Horde and Alliance unions, and then select an option from the available game classes.

Classes have different roles in the game, and each has its own abilities and spells, and naturally the type of play with each class is different from the other.

In the game, depending on the character class you have created, you will have a large amount of spells, each of which has a specific use.

You will also have access to another section called Talent, which depending on the selection of your talents, you may change your spell, or consider new spells for you, or even make your spells more powerful.

Each hero has several talents, each of which has a specific use, and these talents make you experience different styles of play, for example, the hero of the two talents for the role of DPS (the one who does damage to the opponent and the task It’s destroying the enemy) and a talent for Hiller (the character who retains his HP teammates to be able to survive and fight).

Blizzard has worked very well in terms of gameplay, and the originality of this style of game belongs to Blizzard, and other companies and games have modeled on Blizzard, even games that have other styles.

As a user, you can experience the game in two types of PVP (Player vs Player) and PVA (Player vs Environment), and these two types are approximately separate from each other.

Mode – Player vs Player

In this style of play, you will basically deal with the war between the Horde and the Alliance, and there you will fight with real players like yourself. To experience this Blizzard style, various options such as arena (in the form of 2vs2 and 3vs3 battles), Battleleground (battleground; or battles up to 40vs40, duels, as well as free conflicts in all game maps for users to put .

The extent of such battles is so beautiful that users who like this genre will enjoy the game a lot and will feel satisfied. For this reason, Blizzard will receive a full passing score in this case.

Mode – Player vs Environment

Basically, this part has a turning point in the game story and has dungeons and raids.

Rides have a higher capacity against dungeons, and the main parts of the patch story are summarized in them.

Sometimes there is a difference of taste among users who love this game, and many users know the culmination of Blizzard’s art and initiative in this style summed up in the Wrath Of The Lichking patch, and believe that the rides and dungeons of future patches are as These patches are not attractive, and it must be said that they are somewhat right in this regard.

However, Blizzard still gets a perfect score in this part, especially with the cases that we saw in the last patch, the burning legion of Blizzard, which we saw were not simply tactics.

In this part, you will encounter a group of creatures called bosses and mobs, the amount of mobs in each dungeon and ride is high, but they do not have much power, and in principle, you have to defeat the bosses to finish the dungeon and rides.

In order to destroy the mobs inside the nests, you will usually have no choice but to damage them and destroy them. But in any case, for the boss, depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, you have to implement various methods so that the boss does not defeat you with its very heavy skills.

Game graphics

The game does not have a lot of high graphics and it is natural because the game world of world of warcraft is very large and with this amount of normal graphics, the latest version has a volume of about 45 gigs, and if all games are supposed to have high graphics The volume of the game will increase 5 or 6 times.

Of course, we must also keep in mind that Blizzard has an excellent performance in optimizing its games, so that Blizzard’s games have a lower volume compared to games like themselves and have a much more ideal optimization, especially in updates. Which are considered to be perfectly felt.

As we said before, the game does not have much graphics, but in any case, the normal graphics of the game will never bother users, and the gameplay and story of the game are so attractive that users will never feel the normal graphics.

The settings of the graphic part are in the field of seeing long distances and different effects of your hero spells, which means that if you lower the graphics, you will not see the long distances until they are completely close, as well as the effects of spells. You will not see that you use them properly.

Despite the low graphics, but this game will never lose its value and this graphic is excellent for this game, so in this part, the game is still given an acceptable score.

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