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Complete roll healer training

Complete roll healer training

This tutorial introduces the words related to healer, the important points of giving heal and the difference between different types of heal, which you can read below.

Complete tutorial on the role of Healer in the wow game

Introduction to Healer

Healers are responsible for pushing and keeping their teammates alive using their spells. Each healer has different spells and skills than other healers. In 10-person raids, there are usually 2 suitable healers that cover each other’s weaknesses. Low training is for people who are either new to the role or have little experience.

Healer Roll Terms

Types of spells




All healers and spells have only one task, and that is to keep the group alive. But there are different models for Hill.

Standard : There are some spells that directly give the desired amount of heal to the opposite side. For example, you have a spell that delivers 50k to your target after 2 seconds; This type of hill is called a standard hill.

HoTs : There are also some spells that hit Heal every once in a while by hitting them on others (for example, one spell hits the target for 5 seconds and 10k per second). If you increase your Haste, the amount of time between each hill will also decrease.

Absorbs or absorbs damage : Absorbs are splashes that when dropped on a target, do not damage the other side or eliminate some of the damage. When you know your tank wants to take a heavy hit, it’s best to put this spell on it.

AoE or effective area : Some spells are circular, covering an area. People who are in this area, benefit from the property of this spell.

PBAoE or effective area around the player : It is the same as AoE except that the player is hit and the area moves after the player.

Heal types

Proactive or Heal: A heel that must be on it before the player is injured. For example, the Druid Hero’s Lifebloom spell is placed on a player for a few seconds, who must always try to be on the tank.

Reactive: When players’ heal decreases and you heal to fill their health, this type of spell is also called Reactive.

-Various words

Overhealing: When a player’s heal is full and you try to give the player a heal. You should try never to overheal as it will empty the mana as soon as possible.

Regen: The addition of mana over time is called Mana Regen, which is important for healers. When you are fighting, 0.4% of your mana will be automatically filled every second, but there are spells, pots and trinkets that add mana.

Utility Spells: Spells that do not give Heal but are used in certain situations, including crowd-control, or your cages, speeds, and even Damage spells (sometimes when Heal is full of all players, the best opportunity to Hitting boss or mobs)

Notes on Healer

Give priority to the hill

When you give the heal, make sure your tank has the right heal. If the tank dies, the boss starts hitting other players, and because the other players are very weak physically, they are killed and you lose.

With the exception of the tank, other players should only be harmed by spells that they can not escape at all. If you know enough about Dungeon, you know when buses or mobs use these spells; So at that time you have to push everyone.

Mana control

Mana is the most important source of healer. If your mana ends before the end of the conflict, something very bad will happen. As a general rule of thumb for the healer, you need to match the amount of your mana to the level of conflict. This means that if the fight is intense, you can heal your teammates, and if the fight is not intense, use your spells to heal only if necessary. If a player loses a small amount of hill and the fight is not intense, you do not need to give him a heal immediately or use spells that require a lot of mana.

General group game mechanics

Never forget safe places to fight when you are dealing with a boss as a healer. To make sure you are not in danger where you are, you need to know how to react to boss spells and try to be in a position where you can easily push your group.

Do not blame yourself when a player foolishly slams into the AoEs and dies.

Game addons

There are many add-ons like Weakauras , ElvUI , Boss Timer , etc. that you can use to be more effective.

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