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Build better raids and addons needed by leaders

Build better raids and addons needed by leaders

A good leader must first of all know his class well and be fully acquainted with the 10 classes in the game… He must be fully acquainted with the mechanism of bosses and trash and know all the abilities and be confident in the power and abilities of his subgroups Fortunately, most of these cases can be learned in a short time

Fortunately, most of these cases can be learned in a short time, when you are in a tight spot. Lose your hands and feet.

A lazy and weak leader can lead all members astray, no matter how good they are.

There are also good add- ons that make things easier

Password of all files:

Note: We have explained all the add-ons in a special post for each add-on, which includes the text and image inside the game of each add-on, and more importantly, a video on how to install and set up each add-on, and you should be in the search box at Search the name of each addiction at the top of the site. You can see a special post with it.

  1. WoW Instant Messenger : This plugin helps you when the chat window is very busy and important messages may be sent to you. Those messages will be placed in a separate window for each player… and by closing that window the messages inside will be saved… and many Other benefits, even for regular players.
  2. ORa3 This add-on has a lot of functionality, with its settings you can autoinvite or more advanced readycheck even for groups and specify the guild rank of players in the playlist , display of cooldown magic and.
  3. BigBrother This plugin checks all players for flask / buff so that when you wipe on 1%, you will not see that your dps does not have flask:
  4. Recount that shows the dps-heal-interrup and… which is very important for you to see who is doing less and who should befired from the raid
  5. XLoot Master When you are a master loot you have to quickly distribute items among players… This plugin speeds up the operation by using the contact class instead of the group…
  6. Pitbull bar size and location and everything “You can adjust everything on the page… to have a better view…
  7. Grid You can see all the people in the reed or group in a small space and this pluginalso very useful for healers …
  8. BigWigs warns you about the tactics of each boss… so that you do notwipe the reed by taking a debuff
  9. Deadly Boss mods do exactly that بالا
  10. Deus Vox Encounter as well.

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