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Tenth boss tactic Valithria Dreamwalker – icc in 25-man mode

Tenth boss tactic Valithria Dreamwalker – icc in 25-man mode

Valithria Dreamwalker is a completely different boss from other bosses. In this boss, instead of DPS, you have to heal it and fill it with HP, and for this fight, you need 2 tanks, 5 to 6 healers and 17 to 18. DpS.

The boss has to start hitting 50% of the HP and get another 50% to finish the Fight.

But a series of Add enters the conflict in the form of Wave and enters the Ride into the conflict. The tanks must be located on both sides of the area, one right and one left.

  1. Risen Archmage : This Add throws a Frostbolt VolleyCorruption everyoneand damages and slows everyone down in 4k. Seeing himself in this orb, he must get away from it immediately.
  2. Blazing Skeleton : The most dangerous add on this boss is that this unit Lay Waste and does Aoe damage, it also casts a Fireball that is enough to kill any player and wipe the ridge of this unit as soon as possible!
  3. Suppressors : A group of black zombies that go straight to the boss. Damage and kill Aoe quickly.
  4. Blistering Zombie : Another of these units that does some Aoe damage and also throws DoT on the tank, which is not so important.
  5. Gluttonous Abomination : Or our own Butcher that everyone is familiar with. This unit inflicts a lot of bad damage and after he is killed, a series of worms come out of it that the tank has to take on everyone because they do a bad DoT.

But the most important thing in this boss is the healers.

Here, only the spell boss comes to the aid of the healers. The boss occasionally creates 8 green portals on the ground, and 3 to 4 healers have to enter these portals. Anyone who enters this Emerald Dream portal sees no trace of conflict and can Let the air fly.

There is a series of green clouds in the air and whoever enters these clouds will get the effect of it in the form of a steak from a hot buff. Give it to healer!

The healer can be inside the portal for 15 seconds and after that time it will go out of that state and fall down and have a maximum of 40 of this buff.

There are a lot of these clouds in the air and they have to be divided between the healers. After those 3 healers get some stacks, they push the boss and as soon as a new portal is created, they have to enter it and charge the time of this stack.

Note : After a healer enters the portal, no one else can enter that portal and the portal disappears and the other healer must use another portal, so choose a portal for yourself so that the healer can enter the portal as soon as possible!

Note : The healer must maintain the number of stacks of this weave and the time of this weave should not end. Also, the clouds inside the portal should be divided between all 3 healers.

Note : Another 2 to 3 healers should stay next to the rider and heal the rider.

Note : There is no need for more than 4 healers to enter the portal, because the number of clouds inside the portal is limited, and in this case, each healer takes a smaller number of this buffer, which reduces the speed of pushing the boss!

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