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XT-002 Deconstructor boss tactic in 10-mode – normal and hard mode


XT-002 Deconstructor boss tactic in 10-mode – normal and hard mode

This boss has both normal mode and hard mode, the difference between the two is clear in a heartbreak that the boss is hit up to 75% hp. After this, the bus breaks the heartbreak . boss heart, boss goes to hard mode and if you do not succeed, boss goes to normal mode

  1. Berserk : The boss should not reach the time of this spell in any way, because when it reaches the time and time of this spell, the boss will do 500% more damage to the ride.
  2. Gravity Bomb : The black spell boss that is a shadow hits the players inside the ride, that if in normal mode a player is thrown, that player pulls the whole ride towards him, but does not hit the ride and does not appear under the shadow player, but if in Hard drive mode is in fashion when it hits one of the players, that player must get away from the rider in 10 seconds. He opens his own foot (dungeon) and everyone is harmed.
  3. Heartbreak : When we start the boss , the hp boss is 100%, but when the hp boss reaches 75%, it calms its heart . 15% damage done to the ride more and 60% health increases the boss and if you do not succeed the boss goes to normal mode
  4. Searing Light : When the boss throws this spell to one of the players, that player must quickly move 10 yards away from the others because it has Aoe damage and after 9 seconds this debuff becomes Life Spark and the whole ride is required to quickly Life They hit Spark, of course, this is Life Spark in normal mode , but the damage it does is much less
  5. Tympanic Tantrum : Damages the entire ride within 500 yards and reduces the speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
  6. Tympanic Tantrum : Damages 10% every 1 second for 8 seconds, and people close to the boss are stunned for a long time.

The main tank tans and catches the boss , and the second tank holds large adds that take place from the middle of the fight corners and keeps these adds under the boss feet to become Aoe. We did this process to fold the boss

Note: At one time and time, the eddas become samoon, which is in heartbreak .


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