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Tutorial for adding modules to the wow server


To understand the concept of madual module; The module in the world of warcraft server is a series of codings that bring a better process in the server as well as additional features for the player, such as the anti-cheat module which is very necessary for the server which shows which player is cheating and mod-boss- announcer which shows which team was able to defeat a boss and so on

In the previous post, we explained the AzerothCore installation tutorial to you in full but in this post, I want to teach you how to add a variety of useful and necessary modules for the server. Fortunately, the modules for this chorus are various and, more importantly, free. !

You can access this module on the main site. Click to see the madual module page.

But the version that I taught you to install in previous posts was the update of 2021-03-13, and I prepared the modules of this date for you together.

But if you have installed the updated version of this chorus, download the updated version of the modules from the main site.

Below, I have prepared a video tutorial and a video of installing the modules for you to see together.





برای دانلود ماژول madual کلیک کنید

  حجم فایل : 4.22 MB

 رمز فایل :

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