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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Game Review

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, relying on the successful parts of World of Warcraft: Legion and the fascinating story of the confrontation between Horde and Alliance, tries to replicate the success of the previous version. The success was due to the good story and fun content of the game. Now we want to examine why, despite all the obvious and compelling WOW: BFA enhancements, this version can offer nothing more than the Legion experience.

Our story is a cycle of hatred, the unions that come and go. We have paid the price for sharing in this world and we have forgotten what makes us powerful.

The beginning of the story

After the events of the Legion, the leader of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner, fires Darnassus and the Tree of Life with a sudden attack on the Night Elves. In response, King Anduin Wrynn summons his allies and attacks Lordaeron, capturing the Undead city, leaving all the Eastern Kingdoms to the Alliance and the Kalimdor to the Hordes. After these two battles, Alliance and Horde seek new allies to strengthen their forces.

The Alliance sends troops to Kul Tiras in hopes that Jaina Proudmore can convince her mother to join them, and Horde sends troops along with Princess Talanji to Zandalar to persuade Zandalari trolls to convince Horde.

We also saw at the end of the previous version that Sargeras plunges his big sword into Azeroth. This causes Azeroth to move to the brink of destruction, and to solve this problem the player must try to fill the Heart of Azeroth with Azerite, the metal formed by Sargeras’s sword hitting Azeroth.

Heart of Azeroth is actually the new Artifact of the game, which is a necklace. This Artifact affects the special items of the other three slots, namely Head, Shoulder and Chest, by leveling, and activates special capabilities for them. Artifacts from the previous version are also obsolete and no longer valid.

At first glance

The first thing that stands out in the new areas of the game (more on Alliance areas here) is the difference in design from previous versions of WOW. For example, the port city of Boralus has one of the most beautiful designs in the series. In addition to the design of the city, another point that attracts attention is the new models of Kul Tiras characters. This difference in environment and models is also seen in Zandalar and the Horde region. In BFA, the Level Scaling feature returns to the game and is felt more than ever. This feature allows new areas and game missions to always be player level, thus maintaining the attractiveness of these new missions while leveling up.

The missions are very attractive and excellently designed similar to the previous version. In terms of content, these missions sometimes involve interesting jokes, such as helping a millennial tortoise overcome his fears and achieve his long-held dream of horseback riding, and other times they become quite serious and dark. For example, hearing the voice of “My Lord sees you” in a cemetery and the appearance of a little girl behind the player shortly after.

The characterization of the game’s sub-characters is also done in such a way that the player can easily communicate with some of them and follow their destiny while completely forgetting the others after a while. Finally, the game’s music is really regressive towards Legion and not memorable at all, and the voice acting of the characters is similar to the previous version.


City of Boralus

Since the BFA is about the confrontation between Horde and the Alliance, it is natural that part of the players’ time is spent on the enemy island. This is done by ships stationed in Boralus and Dazar’Alor. First, when leveling up, the player must go to the island of the opposite group three times and build his group bases on this island, then return to the enemy island to perform World Quests and main story missions. To make this more appealing and to emphasize that the player is “on Enemy Island”, Blizzard has added War Mode to the game.

By activating this feature, the player can PvP with other players while completing missions in the game world. This feature is especially attractive in the enemy area because the possibility of dealing with the heroes of the opposing group is very high and creates attractive moments. When this feature is enabled, players get 10% more EXP and Reputation, and after killing ten enemy heroes in a row, players are recognized as an Assassin and their Damage Done increases, while showing their location on the map to other players. It will be given.


City Dazar’Alor

In terms of stories from different regions, the BFA has done a good job and there is a good variety of stories. Drustvar, for example, located in the western part of Kul tiras, presents one of the most beautiful side stories of the whole series. In this area, the player first realizes that the people are controlled by evil statues, and after rescuing a number of villages, he gradually becomes acquainted with important characters and confronts the idiots who are causing the problems.

In the north of the island, the story of Lovecraft creatures is followed, who seek to control the minds of the people and take over the city of Boralus. The same is true of Zandalar, for example, wild Blood Trolls in the swamp who perform various rituals and seek to sacrifice the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance.


Variety of play areas

Despite all the positives mentioned so far, the truth is that the game’s End Game content prevents the BFA from completely freeing itself from the success of the previous version. On the one hand, the Dungeons of the game, with all the creativity used in them, are still very weak and more of a “simulator of killing a large number of enemies”, and on the other hand, the World Quests are a complete copy of the Legion. Another thing is that in the new version, none of the game classes have changed much and act similarly to the previous version, and although this author believes that this is not a problem, but for many it means the same BFA and Legion experience.

In the case of PvP, instead of a large number of PVP Talents, players now have the right to choose from four PVP Talents, and overall the PVP experience has not changed. Finally, the game’s first Raid was somewhat successful, and the author’s experience of the first three Raid bosses recently made available through the Raid Finder showed a combination of speed, tactics, and agility that could impress new and old WOW players. To attract.


Excellent mother boss Uldir second boss (same as the new Raid game)

One of the new parts of the game is Island Expeditions, which have two modes, PvP and PvE. In this section, players compete with each other in 3v3 or NPC to get the maximum amount of Azerite possible. In this competition, there are occasional boss fights that can add to the appeal of this section, but poor prizes reduce the value of repeating it a bit. Another new BFA Endgame content is Warfront. In this part which is PvE.

First, one of the two control groups has access to the Arathi Highlands and carries out daily missions there. In a few days, the opposing group will be ready to take control of this area by giving facilities to its group representatives. For example, money, or War Resource, or Work-related items. After the group has amassed enough resources, in a 20-man PVE battle, it gains control of the Arathi Highlands, and the area’s daily missions are opened to them, and the opposing group begins to gather resources, and this is repeated. .

Overall, Warfront is a good excuse to spend time in one of the old areas of the game, but it is not a full-time Endgame content.


Video review:

Allied Races are a new feature of BFA that give the player a variety of different game races with unique capabilities.


Powers related to Artifact.



Map of two new game islands.



Boats are one of the new modes of transport. New human models in kul Tiras




One of the most interesting moments of the game.



One of the game Dungeon‌.


Control of this huge creature is one of the fascinating moments of the game.

positive points

Excellent side missions

Excellent and beautiful design of different areas

The fascinating story of the confrontation between Horde and Alliance


Experience similar to Legion

Poor Dungeons

and at the end

The question is whether it is repetitive or not. If you, as the author, are someone who has only experienced Legion for a while or has not experienced this version at all, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is a great experience and you will definitely enjoy the smallest detail, but if Legion enough If you have experienced and want more and more content than that, Battle for Azeroth can disappoint you.


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