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Learn to play PVE

Learn to play PVE

The full word PVE is basically player versus envirnment , which in Persian means player versus environment (game environment).

To play PVE, people must be able to speak the common language of the server, that is, be able to easily convey their meaning to others and be able to form a complete team and form a number of people ranging from 5 to 25 people together. Coordinate a Raid so that each of the 25 people must coordinate with the other and have a separate task.

In PVE game, you have to go to the boss (giant) battle with your friends, which is in the game environment itself, and guide them by dividing the responsibilities, or listen to them so that you can defeat the desired boss and Take your Class sets to reach higher levels. While defeating each giant, you will receive one or more Emblems with which you can buy sets and add to your power.

In world of warcraft (wow), your power level is calculated in terms of ilvl or item level . When people collect a raid with ilvl, they test them and gather their group to reach the desired boss.

Advantages of playing PVE over PVP In PVE you need more manpower and cooperation and more accuracy than PVP. So that in some cases, in some bosses, every 25 people have to coordinate with each other in such a way that if one of the 25 people does their job 1 second later, it may become the whole RaidWipe , that is, it will fail in simple language.

To create a 5-person raid, we need 1 Tank , a Healer , and 3 Dps , whose tasks I will describe in full later. In a 10-person Raid we need 2 Healers 2 Tank and 6 Dps and in a 25-person Raid we need 3 Tank 5 Healers and 17 Dps.

The task of the Healers is to heal others and not to let the blood of the rest of the Raid people fall by less than a quarter, because otherwise the boss may kill one of the Raid people with just one spell at a time. Heroes who are able to do Healer work must take their Talent as Talent Healer .

Usually heroes like Shaman & Druid & Paladin & priest are able to do this. Tank’s task is to choose his clothes so that his blood rises. When you have a good tank, your job is to taunt the boss and not let him attack others.

Heroes that can become tanks Warrior, Paladin, Death knight, Druid

The DPS ‘s job is to attack the Boss with all their might , and in some Bosses they have other tasks.

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