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Enabling ClassLoot will add a section to the Tooltip for items. And on the special ranking of this Addon , you will find out which class has the highest priority to get the relevant item.

With the command: / cl check

The priority of the relevant item in the chat section will be displayed only for you.

With the command: / cl gcheck

The priority of the relevant item will be sent to your guild.

And with the command: / cl rcheck

If you are in Ride, the priority of the item in Chat Ride will be displayed for everyone. Link to the relevant item instead (using the ” Shift + Left Click ” key combination

Application: Prioritize items by class

If you are a Guildmaster or Ride Leader, this plugin can help you many times. Alternatively, you can use it to help distribute items fairly or to find out which item has a higher priority for which class.





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