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Download Addons Series 4


Download Addons Series 4

You can download the new series of Addons. Click on the text of each Addons to download.

An addons is a tool or set of tools that is used for various purposes, for example: changing and beautifying the game UI, adding new features and hundreds of other general and specialized applications.

Why should we use Addons?

1. Ability to manage items better, more accurately and much more easily, including: items in bags and banks, equipped items, mailbox, auction house (‌ Auction House) and…

2. Increase accuracy and speed when playing, for example, increase DPS between at least ٪ 10 to 40% during Raid, increase accuracy in heal and cleaning easier and much faster (Clean, Decurse,…), increase accuracy in tanking and …

3. Better, faster and more accurate management of buffs and their timing (for example, for Paladins who have a large number of buffs

If you need information about each addiction, search for the name of the relevant addiction in the search box at the top of the site and see the special post for that addiction with descriptions in Persian and related images.

Password of all files:

The following add-ons are related to the wow patch 3.3.5a.

Complete rewrites of the original fashions by Perl. They replace the default Player, Pet, Target, Target of Target, Party, and Party Pet frames, and add custom frames for many other units (Focus, Focus Target, Party Target, Target of Target).

A chat enhancement plugin for World of Warcraft WotLK 3.3.5a, which includes 30+ smaller “modules” each offering additional features that can be enabled or disabled individually.

Using it, you can see general damage, DPS charts, heal, HPS and more!

Beautifully change your game interface

The function of these Addons is the same as the Recount, but with the difference that these Addons are much more complete than that, and the Ride statistics can be examined in more detail.

Provides notifications such as auditory-textual-cooldown-buff and almost all other elements of the fight.

Adds one or two bars of information at the top and / or bottom of the page, allowing a framework for extensive plugin support to be provided. This allows players to easily see the number of free bag slots, their gold in all characters, coordinates, locations and more.

As the name implies, TomTom is a small add-on that will show a navigation arrow like GPS on your WoW interface. Mark a point on your map or use an Addon that marks the exact location of your mission on the map, and you will be very accurately guided to complete your mission. For short distances you will also be informed how much more you need to move.

A good additive with economic characteristics

Notifies you when you have an important chat!

ACP adds the “Addons” button to the main menu of the game (the button you get by hitting ESC). Allows you to manage your add-ons in the game.

A very useful plugin for managing and viewing various items such as Bag, Bank, Jobs, Achievement, Reputation, Desire, Equiped items and… in different heroes. Using this plugin, you will be able to see all the items mentioned for all heroes at the same time. Even if your heroes are in another account.

If you have multiple heroes (multiple Alts), be sure to use this Addon.

A WotLK plugin for patch 3.3.5a that provides better performance in your bag and inventory

Is a UI interface that allows you to check the Loot Buses whenever you need to.

These Addons help you find your items easily and also show all your Bags as one Bag.

There are no problems with the main user interface of World of Warcraft, but some people like to have complete control over their entire user interface. For this purpose, we introduce you to one of the best add-ons in World of Warcraft. Of course, there are many other add-ons that do this, but we think Bartender4 gives you more access to personalization and leaves you alone with a completely different user interface.

Reminds you of the necessary warnings for the tactics of each boss

Replacement of google style map for World of Warcraft which includes map and coordinates.

It is a simple yet powerful plugin that allows you to keybind various spells and macros with a mouse click.

If you want to get into Ines, you will definitely need these Addons, because it shows you when to hit the boss spells.

A very small plugin suitable for all heroes who have cleaning spells (Decurse, Clean and…), such as Priest, Shaman, Mage and… This plugin increases the cleaning speed and accuracy 100% ‍ .

These Addons are mostly used to track Herb, Mines, Fishing, Gas Clouds and Archaelogy and find Treasures in Mini Map and World Map.


This Addon ranks players in the game based on a series of criteria, with this Addon you can see your rank and that of other players.

By activating this plugin, a table like the one below will be added to your game environment, in which you can see the status of all the people in the group (Raid) and Raid in one place and clean, these are many other uses. Like showing Incoming heals,… Highly adjustable for any position and location.

An alert for alarm is a moment that warns you when you are not aware, and I think more importantly, it warns you before you do damage that this level will improve your game a lot.

Beautifully change your game interface

Beautifully change your game interface


Enables you to both move and resize the frames on your game screen

These Addons show how long the spell has cooldown and your abilities so you no longer need to hover over the spell with the mouse and see the remaining time.

In other words: if your character has a power that you have to wait a while to use that power or item after reusing it, OmniCC will count you on the screen and on the same power you used. You will know exactly when you will be able to use this power.

A raid plugin for WotLK 3.3.5a that offers loot settings, guild friend settings, guild rank settings, ready check, cooldown and more!

If you have any questions, tell me below this post.



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