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Shadowlands patch review


The Shadowlands expansion has been around for a while now, after a lot of struggles, and that’s why we’re going to review World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Was it really worth it to wait so long to set foot in new Warcraft lands?


The story of the Shadowlands expansion begins where Silvanas, after an exciting battle with the Leach King, takes off his magic hat and destroys it in an unpredictable move.

By doing so, Silvanas Windraner breaks the boundary between the world of Azrath and the world of Shodlands, and in addition to the problems we have seen in the past, chaos is once again pervading Warcraft on a global scale.

As the protagonist, we have to figure out why Silvanas gave up and what motivated Silvanas to work with a character named The Jailer to break the line between the two worlds; Because the spirits of the creatures after death enter one of the four lands of Shedlands.

There is another place in Shodland called Maw, which is a model of eternal prison. However, to be the protagonist, we must first try to save ourselves from Mao, then walk between the main hub of the game, Oribos, and the four lands of the Sholandlands to solve the problems caused by Silvanas’ behavior as much as possible. Let’s season. The four lands are:

  1. Bastion
  2. Maldraxxus
  3. Ardenweald
  4. Rundit

If you have no idea what the story of the World of Warcraft game is in general, in a separate article on the website, we have described in detail exactly where the story of the Warcraft started, how it continued and where we are now. So before you start the Shadowlands Expansion experience, it’s a good idea to learn a little about past characters and stories. In the new expansion, the target areas, including Mao, each have their own stories.

Also, as is the case with all past expansions, we meet new characters during the game’s missions, each with a distant past. Apart from the story prerequisites that can only be solved by reading the article on the site.


Jiller, a character who appears majestically at first:

The gameplay is taught to you at the very beginning. So your assumption is that the game is not based on the fact that you are an experienced warlord. On the other hand, if you do not have the patience to experience all the events of the past stories in the game, you can buy Level Boost packages to increase the level of your character to 50; Because to experience a new expansion, you need to have at least 50 levels. Players who have been playing Warcraft before the release of Sholands will automatically switch from level 120 to level 50.


Of course, if you bought the Epic Edition of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you have this utility pack by default to get to level 50 with a few simple clicks. However, if you are a newcomer, we personally do not recommend boosting; Because apart from understanding the story, you are officially depriving yourself of the many, attractive and varied game quests that game makers have created over the years. Aside from such issues, the Shadowlands Expansion experience is more exciting than I thought.

Before I set foot in the land of the Melderex, the gaming experience made me feel both good and bad. It feels good that new lands are coming and new quests are waiting for me. The bad feeling was that the major changes in the game were not so dramatic. It seems to be the same soup and the same bowl again. Blizzard, as usual, simply changed the shape and appearance of the bowl, not creating newer bowls.

However, I tried to take the bitter taste I felt at the beginning of the work as a good omen. After the land of Bastion, everything changed at once when Malderex was introduced to me. Both the story and the excitement of entering a land where everyone was at war with you had a new feeling; I had not personally experienced that feeling for a long time in the world of Warcraft, and this feeling became more and more with my trip to other lands.

The land of Jordanville is visually extremely beautiful and spectacular

Visually and graphically, Meldrexes may not appeal to every gamer, but the next land, Jordanville, is one of the most beautiful Warcraft lands to date; Because it has a special beauty and fantasy model that every gamer, regardless of age and gender, wants to spend time with the funny creatures of Jordanfield next to Winter Quinn and other main characters of this land. The game in Shadowlands Expansion has become much more linear; This means that if you just follow the storyline or the game campaign, you can move forward without any additional missions, without any hassle.

In this case, you will reduce 10 to 20 thousand Xupi to reach the next land, which is easily achieved by completing several missions or going to a dungeon. Warcraft game at least in this regard has made gamers lazy. It seems that Blizzard has decided to attract more popular gamers to this game, and this is a point that we feel good during the Shadowlands experience.

Visually and graphically, Meldrexes may not appeal to every gamer, but Jordanville is one of the most beautiful Warcraft lands to date.

Enjoy fighting and exploring the dungeons remains strong. Is it possible to enter the WoW dungeons at all and not lose the extraordinary joy of you and your other teammates after the battle and defeating the last dungeon monster? WoW is one of the goals of the friendship between gamers who accept a single quest in the world of Warcraft.

However, the game does not force you to enter a Guild as usual, but if during the game experience someone invites you to enter a Guild, it is better not to pass on the spot.

Being in the guild can greatly enhance your gaming experience. However, if the dungeons are repetitive for you and you need a bigger challenge, there is a German in the Shadowlands Expansion known as the Torghast; A dungeon that can satisfy anyone.

Sooner or later, you will reach level 60 after completing the Revendreth story quests. This is when the Turgest Tower opens in the form of a story mission for you. You embark on a new adventure with a trip to Dunjen; This is because the Turgest is a special Dunge model that automatically changes randomly each time it is entered.

So the gaming experience in Turgest can be a special and unique experience every time. Of course, the existence of a tour is justified by a story, but be careful to visit the tour from time to time; This is the only place you can find Soul Ash, the item needed to build the Legendary Armor.


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