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١-System required

adsl 128kb and up, a minimum size limit of 2GB is sufficient (of course, it also depends on how long you play), if you want to get 128kb, it should be something that is stressful (download speed should not be less than 14kb / s),
17gb hard disk space ( For exp-wotlk)

windows xp /vista / 7

Minimum RAM for Windows XP 512mb and for 7 and Vista at least 1GB

But the proposed Rome is twice the amount

128mb graphics is enough (more was better)

2- Selecting the server and related settings and creating an account on the server site

The main server of this game belongs to the game developer, ie Blizzard, and you have to pay a monthly fee to Blizzard,
but there are other servers for this game that you can play for free without paying.

And of course there are other servers that run very short and off time.
(Note that the version of your game is the same as the server you choose)

the difference between servers:
Servers in my opinion are different in 3 ways:

2- Being standard

The standard is the correctness of the features available in the game, such as: quests, spells and talents (abilities & talents), and the maximum amount of character level and…, as well as the minimum manipulation of the game, the better the above is observed wow wise It will be wetter and more enjoyable (this is my last opinion B-)

2- Validity

I mean a valid server The server you are sure of will not shut down and your character will not be lost, so Blizzard is the most trusted server because it gets the most profit and when it is wow it is the server but the free servers do not consider themselves responsible and may be shut down: –

٣- Lag

Servers, depending on the quality of their hardware, can affect the game and increase the latency and create lag.

3- Number of players

The more players you have, the more you enjoy the game because raid and bg will always be ready (I will explain more about this in the following).
After selecting a server, you will create an account on its site. Be able to connect to the server of your choice by setting that game
(required to enter the game)

2- After entering an intense game, you may encounter a page like this which is a list of movies, each movie is like a standalone server




xp rate, drop rate and a few other things are different, but sometimes the difference is very large
, for example, some servers may have up to 3 (even more) reels, but free servers usually do not have more than 3
reels in free servers Usually one of these three modes:
Fun rate
Mid rate
High rate
In your fun you can easily level up and get the item comfort, this will be harder in mid rate and High rate will be much harder:

1- Horde or Alliance? Choose race (race) and character class (Hero Class)

After selecting the movie, you must create a character

In this game there are two groups (Horde and Alliance) (usually more hordes), each of which consists of five races. Each race can choose specific classes (according to the table below)




3- Starting the game

You can read the basic training of the game in the main training section.

3- After reaching the maximum level (Level)

Instances and Dungeons

There are places in the game where you can get items. To enter them, you must be in a group. Each Instance and Dungeons has a certain capacity (less Dungeons capacity). The groups that are formed to attack the Instances are called a raid. Have a tank and dps

Tank: Protecting others from bosses and trash Hosts. A tank should be more durable than group members (healers and DPs), ie relatively good at the following values:

armor / Dodge / Parry / Block /….

dps: They are told that they have the task of damaging the raid because usually tanks and healers do not know how to damage the body.

Classes (Mage, Warlock, Rogue and Hunter) can not play any role other than DPS and other classes can play the role of DPS or Tank or Healer according to their talent.

healer: The function of the healer is to push and protect (by creating a shield) the members of the raid, especially the tank that needs the most pushing (classes that can be helled:

Holy paladin / Resto Druid / Holy priest / Resto Shaman)

Battle Graund

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