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Where can I get Pvp and bag items on the map?


Where can I get Pvp and bag items on the map?

As a wow player, you need a series of Pve items and you should get these items, as well as bags and bags. In this post, we are going to name the places and npc from which you can buy these items. .

  • Where can we buy 22 bags?

To buy these bags, you have to go to Shattrath City and you can buy the item from a seller called Haris Pilton.

“Gigantique” Bag :

  • Its size is 22 and its price is 1200 up to gold

Portable Hole :

Its volume is 24 and its price is 3000 gold

Buy from this shop:


  • Where to buy PVE Cloth:

To buy the Cloth set for Mayge, Priest and Warlock, you have to go to the following place in Icecrown, which is called Argent Tournament and the location of the front shop is in TOC.


Lol items with the Emblem of Triumph :232


  • Where to buy PVE:

To buy a Plate set, go to the following place in Dalaran, and from a shop called Dubin Clay, you can buy 5 sets that include Head-Hand, etc.

The sets you buy are with the Emblem of Triumph, which is 232.

Of course, if you go back and look to the right, there is a shop that you can buy with Emblem of Frost with Level 251.


  • For Mail and Leather sets, go to the following location in Dalaran.

Note that from the above two shops you can also buy with Emblem of Triumph and Emblem of Frost and the items level with Emblem of Triumph: 232

Emblem of Frost: 251



  • Where to get pve item from Dalaran:

For Hordes and Allies First Different Shopping Mall For Allies, the three shops you see are among the main Dalaran shops, from left to right with Emblem of Triumph, Emblem of Frost and Emblem of Conquest.


Map of the shop location for hordes:



Map of shop location for alliances:


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