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TOC Tactics

This bus has 3 phases:

Phase One : Gormok the Impaler: Approximately 8k in 10man mode and 12k in 25man mode hits the tank and range dps and the healers are spaced behind the boss.

During the fight, the boss throws add-ons on the players once every 20-30 seconds once in 10 people and twice in 25 people, so you have to kill these add-ons quickly. These add-ons also have a spell called Fire Bomb , which Randomly thrown under the feet of players who attack 4-6k, usually this Fire Bomb only falls under the feet of rangers and healers, to see that under fire Patton move.

Phase Two: Acidmaw and Dreadscale :





There are two creams, one for Acidmaw and one for Dreadscale

First dps should target all Acidmaw because this worm has an ability called Paralytic Toxin which randomly hits several players in debuff and reduces the speed by 10% every 2 seconds, as if by debuff Burning Bile (In normal mode 25) Do not break. For 60 seconds, the player stuns Khati and gets 3k damage every second, so whenever you get this green debuff, see which debuff player has fire and move towards him until your debuff is cleared. You also saw a paralytic person and he is wasting and you have fire debuff, help him, he has a reward!

I should also say that tanks should always keep the boss face away from the rider (always!)


Note: In phase 2, tell the shaman to hit Bloodlust or Heroism to speed up

In the same way, first hit Acidmaw and then Dreadscale to enter phase 3.


Phase Three : Icehowl





This first part requires attention: every few seconds, Massive Crash which is in the following modes:

  1. Massive Crash in 10 normal mode
  2. Massive Crash in 25 normal mode
  3. Massive Crash in 10 Heroic Mode
  4. Massive Crash in 25 Heroic Mode

That is, first he jumps in the middle of the hall and hits this spell and the players are thrown around the hall and stunned for 7 seconds. After the stun time is over, the boss hits a person and runs towards him.

You players also have to move fast with the debuff speed that you have, so that the boss does not hit you . Doing the boss body hits the wall with the head and stuns for 15 seconds and 100% of the players’ power increases, during which time the bp hp can be reduced quickly.


  • Lord Jaraxxus:





This boss is very simple to tactic and hit: a thin boss is held in the middle of the hall and the melee are behind the boss and the range is behind the melee.

Now his abilities:

  • Fel Fireball: which attacks 24-25k in 25 people who always have to cast this spell when the boss wants it, players must quickly interrupt or neutralize it.
  1. Fel Fireball in 10 normal mode
  2. Fel Fireball in 25 normal mode
  3. Fel Fireball in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Fel Fireball in 25 Heroic mode

  • Incinerate Flesh : which accidentally strikes and debuffs one of the players, this debuff can not be dispelled. The only way to save it is to heal a person who has a debuff . Reduces and in 12 seconds if an aoe fire kills all the reed (not too dangerous)
  1. Incinerate Flesh in 10 normal mode
  2. Incinerate Flesh at 25 normal
  3. Incinerate Flesh in 10 Heroic Mode
  4. Incinerate Flesh in 25 Heroic Mode

  • Nether Power : Every 40 seconds the boss hits this buff on itself. This buff increases the boss attack rate by 20%. Also reduce the power of the boss.
  1. Nether Power in 10 normal mode
  2. Nether Power in 25 normal mode
  3. Nether Power in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Nether Power in 25 Heroic mode

  • Legion Flame : The most important factor in wiping is that every 30 seconds a person gets this debuff, this person must quickly get away from the rest of the people in the reed. 3k-4k attacks that area, in this part the melee have to be very careful because of the density in one place, if someone is not far from the other, he will cultivate them.
  1. Legion Flame in 10 normal mode
  2. Legion Flame in 25 normal mode
  3. Legion Flame in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Legion Flame in 25 Heroic mode


  1. Nether Portal in 10 normal mode
  2. Nether Portal in 25 normal mode
  3. Nether Portal in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Nether Portal in 25 Heroic mode

And Infernal Eruption will be in the following:

  1. Infernal Eruption in 10 normal mode
  2. Infernal Eruption in 25 normal mode
  3. Infernal Eruption in 10 Heroic Mode
  4. Infernal Eruption in 25 Heroic mode


For this bus, at least 6 healers are needed for 25 people, 2 of whom should only heal the main tank.


  • Faction Champions:





This is the third boss that is the easiest among the bosses. Of course, this is not a boss

Because it is like PVP mode and several elites in the middle of the field have different abilities from wow classes, in which the leader of the ride, depending on whether he is 10 or 25, will acquaint your rider with his tactics!

  • Twin Val’kyr:





Ride is placed at the entrance with a distance before start and two tanks are needed, one for dark boss and one for light

There are two portals, white and black .

For example, the top dark team should attack the light boss and the light team the dark boss (it is not necessary that “whites” attack the black boss or vice versa)



  • Shield of Darkness and Shield of Lights : Every few seconds, the boss gets devine or sheild around itself and starts casting this spell. , All dps do this until the shield is destroyed, if you do not hit the sheild in time, the boss will heale itself by 20%
  1. Shield of Darkness in 10 normal mode
  2. Shield of Darkness in 25 normal mode
  3. Shield of Darkness in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Shield of Darkness in 25 Heroic mode

And Shield of Lights will be as follows:

  1. Shield of Lights in 10 normal mode
  2. Shield of Lights in 25 normal mode
  3. Shield of Lights in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Shield of Lights in 25 Heroic mode

Note : hp These 2 buses are related (both die and heal together)

Players must quickly match their color to that aoe color to eat less attack if they die 100% if not changed, especially in 25s.

  1. Dark Vortex in 10 normal mode
  2. Dark Vortex in 25 normal mode
  3. Dark Vortex in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Dark Vortex in 25 Heroic mode

And Light Vortex will be in the following:

  1. Light Vortex in 10 normal mode
  2. Light Vortex in 25 normal mode
  3. Light Vortex in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Light Vortex in 25 Heroic mode

  • Concentrated Darkness : They are in the form of orbs that start moving in the environment at certain times. These orbs have two types of colors. If the orb hits you in the same color, it will increase your attack rate . If your color is different, run away from the orb
  • Twin Spike : It strikes the tanks every 20 seconds, which is not very dangerous. It reduces the attack rate of the tanks.
  1. Twin Spike in 10 normal mode
  2. Twin Spike in 25 normal mode
  3. Twin Spike in 10 Heroic mode
  4. Twin Spike in 25 Heroic mode

  • Anub’arak:





You need 3 thinners for 25 people and 2 thinners for 10 people, 1 thinner for anub and 1 thinner for add-ons . So the players’ gear must be good.


  • Penetrating Cold : which randomly hits two players in 10 players and 5 players in 25 players who attacks 3500 every 3 seconds for 18 seconds, only they should be heal.
  1. Penetrating Cold in 10 normal mode
  2. Penetrating Cold in 25 normal mode
  3. Penetrating Cold in 10 Heroic Mode
  4. Penetrating Cold in 25 Heroic Mode


  • Ice Slash : Every 15 seconds it hits the main tank and reduces the block-dodge amount and freezes the thin in an ice bucket for 3 seconds, healing the thin enough.

In the first phase and in all phases, 2 add appear as spiders that must be hit at the right time and at the same speed as the dps . He moves towards them with his razor. The person who is marked (skeleton mark) must move quickly on the places where ice has fallen and the ground is white so that he is not harmed. This marking is done randomly on 4-5 people to enter the next phase. .

Note : When the blades are moving towards the target, the distance between the blade and the person should not be anyone, otherwise it will attack.

Note : Range dps must hit the ice balls floating in the environment to whiten the ground.

Note : Icy orbs also attack add-ons and bosses in the same way that if you attack clearly, the amount of attack is not large, but the function of the add-ons and the boss must be on the frozen places of Permafrost on the ground.

  1. Permafrost in 10 normal mode
  2. Permafrost at 25 normal
  3. Permafrost in 10 Heroic Mode
  4. Permafrost in 25 Heroic mode


There are also beetles in the middle that must be killed quickly so as not to debuff anyone.

Phase 2 : Similarly, the third phase begins with a 30% reduction in the health of the boss

In the third phase : anub (attacks) 10% of the health of the players every second

health The players in the phase decrease drastically and the healers inevitably consume more mana to keep people alive, so they have to start hitting the boss quickly with all their might. The low dps equals the mana.

In the third phase : the spiders are still in the middle, but much less and more the target should be the boss

Note : shamans must hit the spell that gives 30% haste, which can be Bloodlust and Heroism


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