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Terms of Word F Warcraft Series 2

World of Warcraft Game Terms

In this post, I will include a very practical training for beginners and semi-professionals. Video training and teaching practical terms in the game of Ward of Warcraft.

  1. lol : There is no new term in wow, it stands for laugh out laud, and if you type this word or these words (rofl, hehe and haha), the character will laugh.
  2. Gear : It means the same as your clothes. Equipments also say
  3. GS : means gearscore is an addons designed for the game that in relation to the level of each Item is a number to compare and measure the power of the hero that to go ins you must have a relatively high gearScore because the criterion is inv.
  4. ms : is also a unit to indicate the server latency
  5. ps : Wow is a specialized word because it stands for an item called Primordial Saronite that is dropped from icc bosses.
  1. icc : It is also a main ins for wow lich king and it drops good items from its hard bosses, which also requires many tactics to kill the bosses.
  2. AP : It can be an abbreviation of two words, either Arena point or Armor Penetration, depending on the situation of its use (of course, ARP is used for Armor penetration)
  3. HP : stands for Heath point, which is sometimes called hp instead of health. In some places, Honorpoint is called hp.
  4. Dps : stands for Damage Per Seconds and means the amount of damage your hero does to the enemy.
  5. Dot : stands for Damage over Time for some spells that damage the enemy over time.
  6. Heal : means to recover John Hero, which can be healed with spells that have the ability to heal and recover John, and the person who does this is called a Healer, which is also a role.
  7. Bug : means an event that is unusual in a quest or spell or database, for example, a quest asks you to kill 12 mobs, but when you kill each mob you do not see any change in the amount of units killed Or, for example, a bus that gets stuck due to a malfunction in the database database server, or any such event is called a bug.
  8. lag : means checking the game due to high latency or server bandwidth problem lag say
  9. Dc : means disconnect from the server
  10. OS : stands for an INS in Drogonblight called Obsidition Sanctum
  11. Gbok : stands for Greater Blessing of kings, which is also called king to increase all points by 10%.
  12. Gbom : stands for Greater Blessing of Might, which is also called power is used to increase the hero’s attack power.
  13. Gbow : stands for Greater Blessing of wisdom, which is used to increase mana Regeneration or speed recovery of mana hero.
  14. Gbos : stands for Greater Blessing of Sanctuary, a weave used to reduce damage to the hero.
  15. Shield : means shield or protective shields of some classes of Tank and Healer, but if you call a paladin give a shield to the tank, it means Sacred Shield
  16. RS : Abbreviation for ins; It is ruby ​​sanctum
  17. WTB : stands for Want to Buy and vice versa WTS means want to sell
  18. Bash : Bash means that the boss is now running a spell. Let’s stop or intrupt that spell with a spell called bash
  19. Silence : There is a type of effect that some spells run and anyone who gets this effect can not run any splits for a short time.
  1. JC : Abbreviation for JewelCrafting or jewelry making
  2. Socket : Colored cells on some items (in general) that we can put gems in them.
  3. f : Buff means the effect that some spells run on the side,
    for example, when you paladin, weave here. Pick up one weaver means that a harmful weaver like poison or magic is on you that the class that can pick up the weaver should help.
  4. Raid : Any normal group in wow can only have a capacity of 5 people, but to hit stronger bosses, the group needs to be RAID, which can add up to 40 people in a group, but sometimes in channels with this word. I get “Someone has a raid invites me” There is a boss there)
  5. 10 man ; 25man and each of them can be Normal or Heroic, the difference between 10 man and 25man, which is the number of reed people, which is determined by the leader, and Normal and heroic also determine the difficulty of each raid. Heroic or hc bosses and mobs are more And they damage more and drop better items (of course, there is no better chance of dropping items)
  6. Dungeon : It is also a type of inc, but with the difference that the number of people should be 5 people, no more, and of course weaker bosses and items with lower levels than Raid will drop from that boss.
  7. Drop : For example, it means that you hit a boss and the item that was previously intended for that drop falls and players can remove it.
  8. Mob : The priceless creatures of the game are called the same people who are next to the boss or any creature that is capable of hitting, but Elite and Boss do not include mob.
  9. Invis : The abbreviated word Invisible means invisible. Several types of classes in wow can be invisible, Rogue, Druid and Mage, and easily escape from the area, or like Rogue, a new series of spells will be activated for them as soon as Invisible. In the game can be invis like tigers and…
  10. Inspect : means to check but in wow for class; Hunter is a series of spells that change the focus of their power, for example, they are fast or shoot with better power or… (unfortunately I can not give more examples because I am not an open hunter) A Hunter can only be one type of inspector at a time Note that each has a special power to Hunter. An example of this is in paladin seals, each of which can be selected according to the role of paladin or its status.
  11. roll : To get an item in a fair way, put a way called roll. When an item is dropped, those who want to read that item type roll / then a number from 1 to 100 is randomly selected. Whoever gets more number, the item is mine. He becomes
  12. GM : stands for Game master, which is a series of people who own a server or the same admin who has player problems. Do game bugs or server control that you can talk to a gm by ticking or Talt to a gm and say the problem. Avoid insulting these people separately because banning or muteing and all control of the server hand They are.
  13. Ban : Becoming means that your account will be blocked by a gm. Now, due to insulting gm or cheat and hacking in the server, your account may be blocked for a while, which is called ban.
  14. mute : If you spam in the channels, that is, for example, write something repeatedly in the channel or swear if gm is online at that moment , it will mute you for 10 minutes or more or sometimes 999 minutes, in this case you will not Which channels or in no case can you talk until the time is up
  15. Noob : It is called worthless and bad players or novices. Of course, if you are a novice and listen to the leader in Ride and do the tactics, it is not called noob at all.
  16. Agro : To pull the boss means that the tank goes and kills the boss to the rest of the dps or damage to the body. Use.
  • Finally, I would like to add an explanation that we can do a lot of things with the hero himself, for example, I dream of laughing at someone and write:
  1. Hello /hello
  2. God bless /bye
  3. Cry /cry
  4. Sit /sit
  5. Stand /up
  6. To sleep /sleep
  7. Wave /wave
  8. Dance /dance
  9. Rude /rude

  • List of WoW terms:
  1. Instance : Instance is a separate and closed environment that works privately for the groups that enter it. It is called Instance Dungeon and according to the standards of Warcraft world, it is divided into two types: Dungeon and Raid. The main difference between the two is the number of players, the size of the environment and the difficulty.
  2. Dungeons are generally referred to as five-person extensions, and Raid is a 10-person, 25-person, or, like some older, 40- and 20-person extensions. Raids often have larger environments, and the quality of the items they drop from the boss is better.
  3. Faction : Faction, which literally means group or party, in Warcraft refers to groups that agree on an ideology or race, such as the Alliance and the Horde, which are playable races. There are also micro-features in the game, such as the Earthen Ring or Guardians of Hy’Jal, which are neutral and can be contacted by players from the two main factions.
  4. Experience point : It can be said that XP is a point that is obtained as a reward for completing missions, killing enemies and gaining skills in professions, and by earning a certain amount of it, the characters created by the players are Leveled up.
  5. Level : A level is a mechanism by which the game categorizes enemies, bosses, creatures, items, and players, and determines their level of power and effectiveness in combat, and allows them to use different levels of equipment. Level up occurs when players earn a certain amount of XP by completing a mission or killing creatures. Level up allows players to use better equipment and gain more power and skills.
  6. Mob : Uncontrollable and controversial characters in the game that have XP or Loot.
  7. NPC : To non-playable characters in the environment, and sometimes players have the ability to communicate such as receiving a mission or receiving rewards.
  8. Boss : Enemies who have a lot of power and are often fought in groups.
  9. AoE : or Area of ​​Effect is a type of attack that affects the environment and has the ability to damage multiple players or mobs.
  10. CC : or Crowd Control is a tactic that temporarily takes the enemy out of the battlefield and is broken with the first attack or after a certain time and that enemy returns to the fight.
  11. Wipe : It can also be called reaping, and it is when the group (Party or Raid) is completely defeated and all the players die.
  12. Party : Groups of five players or less.



  • Terms related to heroes:
  1. AP stands for Attack power
  2. SP stands for Spell power
  3. Int stands for Intellect
  4. STR stands for Strength
  5. Sta or Stam stands for Stamina
  6. Spr stands for Spirit
  7. HK stands for Honorable Kill
  8. DPS stands for Damage per second / spell, meaning damage per second, or classes that hit with a spell, or classes that hit and damage
  9. RDPS stands for Ranged DPS, which is used for Mage \ shaman \ priest \ druid \ Hunter \ Warlock classes.
  10. MDPS stands for Mele DPS, which means close-range damage used for DK \ Warrior \ Paladin \ Rogue classes.
  11. Tank A person who has the task of defending against Boss, which can be one of the classes of DK \ Warrior \ Paladin and sometimes Druid. Usually tanks have the highest HP.
  12. 1H stands for one handed weapon
  13. 2H stands for Two Handed Weapons
  14. BL stands for blood lust, one of the shaman spells that increases the power and speed of spells
  15. CD stands for Cooldown The time it takes for a spell to reactivate after casting
  16. dot stands for damage over time. Some spells stay on the target for a while when they hit the target, and do damage to the target at least once.
  17. hot stands for heal over time like dot – only for Heal spells that automatically heal from time to time
    Resto stands for Restoration One of the characteristics of the shaman class is the healer.

  • Terms used in Raids:
  1. Ins stands for Instance, which means Raid
  2. Aggro stands for aggression, which means that the boss pays attention to the player, when Aggro is a tank, it means that the boss only hits the tank.
  3. AoE stands for area of ​​effect.
  4. Wipe When the boss kills all the players, they say we became wipe, or if saying Wipe it means let go
  5. Mob stands for mobile object or monster.
  6. Add The abbreviation additional monster means Mob
  7. Trash Mob means killing Mobs and clearing Ins of Mob
  8. CC stands for Crowd control, meaning controlling some NPCs to stay away from Fight, such as polymorphizing an NPC with a mage or trapping and trapping an npc by Hunter to keep npc away from Fight to kill other npcs.
  9. Buff stands for beneficial spell: Spells that are fired at teammates that increase some of their abilities.
  10. Debuff stands for reductionary spell: A spell that a boss or mob throws at you and you have that spell on you for a few minutes, which reduces some of your abilities.
  11. ML stands for Master loot: When this mode is active, only someone who is a master looter can loot the body.
  12. FFA stands for Free for all In this case, everyone can loot the body
  13. MT stands for Mail Tank
  14. OT stands for Off Tank
  15. Nuke means to do damage without considering Threat and Aggro
  16. Res stands for ressurect
  17. Tag The first blow to Boss


In this article, I will put a list of terms used in the game so that if friends come across a word in the chat box that they do not know the meaning of, they will use this list.
I will try to make this list complete so that even your veterans can learn new words. These words can also be used in chat. While some words may not have a good meaning, the responsibility of using the words with yourself is


  1. NPC stands for non player character, meaning people who are not players and are related to the game itself, such as Banker
  2. GM stands for Game \ Guild master
  3. PVP stands for Player Versus Player meaning player against player
  4. PVE stands for Player Versus Environment, meaning player versus nature
  5. Hero characters players
  6. RDF stands for Random Dangeon finder.
  7. Alli \ Ally stands for Alliance
  8. Blizz stands for Blizzard
  9. SB stands for Soulbound Items that are Soulbound are yours only and can not be traded or given to anyone
  10. Boe stands for bind on equip: Soulbound when you wear an item that is boe
  11. Bop stands for bind on pickup: When you remove this item (from anywhere) it becomes Soulbound
  12. Bou stands for bind on use: Like the above 2, it only becomes Soulbound when you use the item
  13. DE Abbreviation Disenchant is an ability for the Inscription job to convert unused items into raw materials.
  14. Ninja means thief (someone who loots items for himself)
  15. Rep stands for reputation (for example, if your reputation is maximum with a city, they will trust you and give you their items)


  • Terms related to buying and selling:
  1. WTS stands for Want to sell
  2. WTB stands for Want to buy
  3. WTT stands for Want to trade
  4. WTG stands for Want to Give.
  5. AH stands for Action House, the same market that is located in the main cities of the game
  6. BO stands for Buyout price in AH
  7. JC stands for jewelcrafter One of the game jobs
  8. LW stands for leatherworker One of the game occupations
  9. mats stands for materials (items used to make another item are called mats).


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