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Learn zul’aman boss tactics

The general system of bosses is almost the same as the old system

The first boss is Akil’zon , who has an eagle bag around him. This boss sends a big white eagle to one of the players every few seconds and takes that player into the air.

Players should be far enough apart that when someone Lightning Bolt , no one is close to them until the person is debuffed, and every few seconds a person goes into the air and aoe is created around him, in which case everyone should be immediately under the person. Stand in the air so as not to be damaged

The second boss is Nalorakk . This boss is very simple. Just get as close to the boss as you can so that it does not charge you. It turns into a bear every few seconds, which is not dangerous. The boss charges a distance and gives a debuff to the person that if someone catches it twice, he will probably die.

If it hits the tank and kills it, 3 players must coordinate before the game and change their places in time and in order, for example, for example, the first person farthest from the boss is placed. He stands at the farthest point and then the third person

Third boss:Jan’alai There are several ways to hit this boss that are a bit different

The best way is that after you get involved with the boss, the boss will show two trolls that have the task of breaking the surrounding eggs and they will be added. If you only kill one of them every time they appear and the other one. Release, each time only one category is added and it makes the job easier. It should be around that you should not be on points of light because these points will explode later.

The fourth boss: There is Halazzi , only the bag has a point. This boss is beautiful. It can make 2 types of totems, both of which can be dangerous Water Totem Round and other range players can be placed near the totem. This boss turns into a troll twice with a pet.

Another totem that is very dangerous is Corrupted Furbolg Totem that sends lightning to players and does bad damage that you have to destroy this totem quickly.

Fifth Boss: Hex Lord Malacrass has 2 add. You can CC these add-ons and just stick to the boss.

This boss uses the players’ spells against themselves and this spell can be heal or dps. If you are unlucky, it hits a siphon soul healer that allows the boss to use that player’s spells for 30 seconds. There is no way to go unless it For example, be paladin and hit Divine Shield or if you are a mage,Ice Block

Last boss: there is a daakara that turns into 2 animals around it. The boss itself does not have a special vine. Only the melee get away from the aoe boss in time Totem of Lightning that you have to hit quickly for the dragon hawk rotates every few seconds and you have to get away from it so that you do not attack and it creates a line of fire immediately after it spins. You should not stop. You will die in 2 seconds.

For the bear that everyone should be behind the bear except the tank and it has an ability that when it hits it slows down all the people close to it for 6 seconds which must be dispelled quickly otherwise it stuns those people and totally attacks the tank for the milk that comes with it. Boss 2 comes to add that the tank must go along and first add it, and then the boss itself, which our lion jumps madly in and out and every few seconds sticks to a random person that the tank must immediately taunt the boss.

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