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The main statistics and which race is better for a class


The main statistics of world of warcraft base stat

To understand why a race is better for a class, I will explain about base stats. In the game, all classes have a base stat that is similar and consists of the following:


intelect spirit armor Now what are these ??? For example, what if agility is one class higher than the rest ????

  • Each hero has several main powers:
  1. strength: This power affects the amount of attack power you have, and the higher it is, the more attack you see on your enemy.
  2. agility: This power increases the chance of critucal and dodge, as well as slightly increasing the aromor.
  3. stamina: This power increases the amount of health (soul) so that each of these powers is equivalent to 10 health
  4. intellect: This power increases the amount of mana
  5. spirit: This power also increases the recovery rate of heath and mana during and outside the war
  6. armor: This power reduces the amount of damage you take
  7. spell penetration: reduces the resistance of the target
  8. resistance: Reduces the magic power you eat, which works on 5 types of magic: frost, fire, arcane, shadow, nature.
  9. Strength: Increases atack power and block
  10. agility: increases attack power, dodge, crit, armor and range attack power (now an item may improve some of these features and some may not)
  11. stamina: only increases health
  12. intelect: increases mana and mana per 5 sec and spell crit
  13. spirit: increases mana per 5 sec and health per 5sec
  14. armor: Increases armor.


Now what do each spec need?

tank: needs block, dodge and armor block to be able to prevent the blows with the shield and the armor to reduce the amount of blows (they have the same pain) and dodge is to empty the blows

So the tank needs strength – armor and agility, of course agility when it has dodge certainly a tank needs stamina to increase its hp value

  • Dps: As I said, a character is told that he wants his attacks to be painless. So it is better to increase strength and agility.
  • healer: Healers need mana and in order to produce mana faster, they need to increase their intellect and spirit.

* Math and Warlock classes that also need mana to practice magic, it is better to increase intellect and spirit.





Human 23———-20———-22———-20———-21———-47———-60
Dwarf 25———-16———-25———-19———-19———-34———-90
Night Elf 20———-25———-21———-20———-20———-57———-50
Gnome 18———-23———-21———-24———-20———-53———-50
Orc 26———-17———-24———-17———-23———-36———-80
Tauren 28———-15———-24———-15———-22———-32———-84
Troll 24———-22———-23———-16———-21———-51———-70
Undead 22———-18———-23———-18———-25———-43———-70
Draenei 24———-17———-21———-21———-22———-36———-50


I would also like to say that these are the initial strengths of the races in the warrior class, after you use your item, it will definitely be the time when it becomes clear whether you are strong or not…
But something that is characteristic in the case of equal items is superior to each other, which is also because of these first powers.
My opinion : dwarf for ally and tauren for hordes, I am taking another class which I think will be interesting if it is a priest

Human 20———-20———-20———22———-24———-45———-52———–160
Dwarf 22———-16———-23———-21———-22———-37———-82———-145
Night Elf 17———-25———-19———-22———-23———-55———-51———-160
Troll 21———-22———-21———-18———-24———-49———-62———-128
Undead 19———-18———-21———-20———-28———-41———-62———-130
Blood Elf 17———-22———-18———-26———-22———-49———-50———-220
Draenei 21———-17———-19———-23———-25———-39———-51———-175
My opinion : blood elf for hordes and draenei for ally, but I feel human must be very strong too

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