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Learn how to use Auction House in World of Warcraft


Learn how to use Auction House in World of Warcraft

If you are new to WoW, an auction house can be a daunting experience, but if you can learn the basics, it can be a lucrative source of income and allow you to truly choose the world of your choice. Make the most of warcraft.



Note : The video above is related to the ngaming site, which was recorded in a patch higher than 3.3.5, since giving a complete and comprehensive description and Auction House in this patch is not different from version 3.3.5, so we refused to record a new video. And we used this video.

Auction is very simple in principle: you put up for sale items that other players can buy with gold.

Auction House has a search function so that players can search for specific items and your items will remain for sale until the end of the auction. This is a vital part of the WoW economy, as players can avoid the process of farming and spending time by going straight to the Auction House and buying the product they want.

Horde and Alliance each have four Auction Homes that they can visit and trade in. There are also neutral auction houses where you can trade between factions, but these houses a large share of the business and are located in less popular areas of the map.

Horde Auction Houses

Alliance Auction Houses

Neutral Auction Houses


An auction is a list of a commodity or group of items listed for sale. Each list should have the name of the product, so it is easy to find, the amount that can be sold is up to 20 items: the seller’s name, time remaining from the auction, product level requirements, the highest current bid, and the amount of coins for The purchase is immediately added to the auction page by placing something for sale, so that if someone wants to buy something, when he searches for it, he also sees the description of what the seller’s name is, etc., and how much.



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