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Pet Warlock control manually!

Pet Warlock control manually

First of all, why control the pet?

The answer is that a good warlock also plays with the pet. You are a beginner without the petton, and your pets also have special gifts that help you destroy the opponent, and in the arena you especially need the pet to focus on an opponent. For example, if your opponent has a healer, the presence of your pet on the healer will prevent the healer from getting out of combat so that he can eat mana.

The first macro that I make and the most interesting one is that it uses its capabilities according to the available pat

All ability in One hit:

/ cast [pet: voidwalker, combat] Sacrifice
/ cast [pet: Succubus, target = target] Seduction
/ cast [pet: Felhunter, target = target] Spell Lock
/ cast [pet: Felguard, target = target] Intercept

This macro works smartly and shows you the special feature available to you according to your pet, and by using that feature, the pet is used.

The second macro is to use the devour Magic feature on yourself

Summon Felhunter

#showtooltip Devour Magic
/ stopmacro [nopet: felhunter]
/ use [target = player] [target = pet] [] Devour Magic
Macro Last Summon Pet Cord In your opinion, put the name of the pet instead of parentheses

Fel Domination

/ use Fel Domination
/ use Summon (pet you want to summon)

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