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Wow – World of warcraft game beginner training

Wow – World of warcraft game beginner training

After creating the desired character and entering the game, you start playing in your specific area, depending on the choice of race and class.

You have to take missions from existing NPCs and solve them in different areas

By completing these missions and delivering them to the relevant NPCs , you will receive some XP / Gold and sometimes a Reputation .

When you get a certain amount of Xp , it increases the level, and you have to perform various missions to reach the maximum level.

Tip: Each area gives you a certain amount of level and you have to go to different areas to get better missions.

On servers with a low Xp Rate, it is recommended to solve all missions in the area to reach the maximum level of that area and then go to another area.

In some cases, some missions are buggy and you have to subscribe to them. To do this, press the L key, click on the mission and subscribe .


One of the most attractive places in the game that has been released for you from level 10 and you can use it. In these places, there are 2 races, Horde and Alliance, each of which must work hard to win the race.

The first liberated area is called Warsong Gluch. To participate in these battles, you must press the H key and go to the BattleGrounds section and click on the desired area, then click on Join Battle .

If the number of players reaches the quorum, a message will appear for you to enter the area, and you will enter the battle by pressing Enter. If no message appears, you must wait until it reaches the quorum.

The main goal in these battles is the victory of one team over another. After the battle, some Honor is given to both teams, with the difference that the winning team receives an earlier Honor + amount of Arena and you can buy PVP items with them.

Level 20 adds another place called Arathi Basin to the BattleGrounds list that you can also attend.

When the character level reaches a certain level, other places are added to BG .

List (5.4.8 / 3.3.5 / 4.3.4) BattleGrounds :

Warsong Gulch
Arathi Basin
Eye of the Storm
Alterac Vally
Strand of the Ancients
Isle of Conquest
Twin Peaks
Battle for Gilneas
Silvershard Mines
Temple of Kotmogu
Deepwind Gorge

Game Jobs:

You can choose 2 jobs for your hero. It is better to raise the level of your job during Levelup as well.

Choice of job is completely optional. But there are two points to note

1. Both jobs should complement each other so you can easily skillup them.

2. Choosing a job suitable for your hero, in addition to becoming a stronger hero, can also be a source of income for you and you can earn some gold by selling your goods.

There are generally 11 main jobs:

Alchemy: With this job you can make elixirs for your hero that will increase the powers of the hero.

Blacksmithing: With this job you can create items for heroes. Plate items _

Enchanting: With this job, you can put special spells on your items and make the item stronger.

Engineering: This job is all about engineering, from building engines and helicopters to making items for items.

Herbalism: With this job, you can extract the necessary materials for use in other jobs by digging flowers in the game.

Inscription: This job is chosen to make a glyph.

Jewelcrafting: With this job, you can make them stronger by making sockets for your items.

Leatherworking: With this job you can create items ( Mail / Leather ).

Mining: With this job, you can extract the necessary materials from in-game stones for use in other jobs.

Skinning: With this job, you can get the necessary materials for use in other jobs by peeling animal skins (Mob).

Tailoring: With this job, you can make Cloth items .

Among these, there are 4 other sub-jobs that you can choose all 3 jobs next to the main job.

Cooking: As the name implies, you can make food by cooking and use it to replenish your health .

First Aid: With this job, you can return your Health to its original state.

Fishing: To catch fish while training , you must also buy fishing rods, then go to the shore or the sea and go fishing.

Game cities:

Horde City

The town of Orgrimmar is located in Kalimdor north of Durotar

Land of Orc

Thunder Bluff is located in Kalimdor, north of Mulgore

Land of Tauren

Silvermoon is located in Eastern Kingdoms, Eversong Woods

Land of Blood elf

Undercity is located in Eastern Kingdoms, Tirisfal Glades

Land of the Undead




Alliance City

Stormwind is located in Eastern Kingdoms Northwest of Elwynn Forest

Land of Human

Ironforge is located in Eastern Kingdoms, north of Dun Morogh

Dwarf Land

The city of Darnassus is located in Kalimdor, part of Teldrassil

Land of Night elf

Exodar is located in Kalimdor West Azuremyst Isle

Land of Draenei




Lollipop map

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