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Addons that you must have in world of warcraft 3.3.5, download all the following addons and install them on the game and click on their names to download the addons

Complete list of Addons (file code: )

GearScore – This Addon ranks players in the game based on a series of criteria, with this Addon you can see your rank and that of other players.

Addon cotrol panel – Allows you to control all add-ons in the game.

Atlas – This addon details all instances and bosses, as well as battles

AtlasLoot Enhanced – Shows you items that bosses drop.

Crap Away – Automatically sells your gray items when you talk to a seller.

Gatherer – This addon is for plants and mines and hunter in Word. The main task of this Addon is to track the nearest plants and mines in the Mini map.

GearscoreLite – A lightweight addon for your display and your purpose.

GTFO – This addon alerts you when you are sitting in a fire or in other words when your Health is running out.

Postal – Increase inbox support in the game.

Zoom – Increase UI loading faster

AutoRepair – This addon automatically repairs your items every time you go to a vendor.

Here are the add-ons that are not mandatory to install, but make the game better:

Quest Helper – Helps you complete quests.

Nice Damage – A nice addon to change the font value of Dps.

Map – A very beautiful Mini map.

Recount – Displays the amount of Dps and Health that people in Raid enter into the boss and each other

DeadlyBoss Mods – Show warning and spell time of bosses to Raid and most importantly show time of Enrage of bosses

Prat – A professional chat box replaces the default chat box with many features.

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