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Sindragosa-icc eleven boss tactics in 25 mode

Sindragosa-icc eleven boss tactics in 25 mode

It is one of the hardest and at the same time one of the most interesting and beautiful Northend bosses . Without these 3 things, it is impossible to kill this boss! High Gs, Brain and Speed ​​of Action!

  • Gear: To hold the Sindragosa, you need a tank with Gear Frost Resist and high Stamina as MT and a tank with a normal Gear for OT.

MT If Leatherworking is a job, it can easily get up to 425 Frost Resists with this job as well as the available Enchants and survive under this wild boss.

  • Speed ​​of action: Healers have the most difficult task in this boss and even more terrible situation than Lich King will happen to them, especially in phase 3. At least 6 healers of different classes are needed to keep the rides and tanks.
  • Brain: 16 to 17 DpS with high GS and some understanding is needed. DpSs need to control their cast and attack times and know when and how much to do DpS.

After you kill the two Mini Bosses, Sindragosa descends from the sky to the middle of the balcony and the fight begins.

Everyone, even OT, has to be next to the boss. If you are in front of the boss face, you have literally committed suicide, and if you are close to the boss tail, a spell called Tail Smash will damage you by 18k and throw you around. .

Sindragosa spends most of the time in phase 1 and fights with you on the ground. During the whole time of the fight, Frost Aura inflicts 4k damage to the whole ride every 3 seconds. Also,Frost Breath , which comes out of the boss mouth, has a heavy damage of about 43k Damage to the tank

For each Frost Breath , Atack tank speed is reduced by 50% and movement speed is reduced by 20%!

All rides have to watch their DpS frequency

on several casters (healer or DpS) Unchained Magic.

This Debuff will stay on the person for about 30 seconds. After each cast player, it receives a purple Debuff called Instability for 6 seconds, which can be charged and gets a stack. After this 6 seconds, 2k per person’s stack is over. Damage eats.

For example, you Shadow Bolt 5 times and you get 5 from Instability . If you do not charge the stack again (do not cast), you will get 10k damage after 6 seconds. So, it is better to cast 4 to 5 times after receiving this Debuff, and Hold the stack and wait 6 seconds for the time stack to end and cast again.

In this case, less pressure will be applied to the healer. Note that taking more than 10 stacks equal to the draw itself after the end of Unchained Magic time, you can cast as much as you like!

But Meele + Hunter Debuffs are different. For every damage you do, the boss has a 20% chance of putting a Debuff called Chilled on the player.

This debuff lasts for 8 seconds and every 1 second enters the amount of 1k damage. It is better to keep this stack up to 4 5 for the same reason mentioned above!

But the most important cause of Wipe in the first phase Blistering Cold .

After each Frost Breath , Boss usually pulls all 25 players under him in the blink of an eye and immediately starts casting spells for 5 seconds, and after 5 seconds, he deals 35k damage to anyone in 25 yards.

In fact, after he has gathered everyone down, everyone has 5 seconds to get 25 yards away, otherwise they will die. And it can upset the position of the boss, which is quite dangerous!

At 85% HP and after that every 1:50 minutes Sindragosa goes to the sky and enters phase 2 and all 25 people have to express themselves next to the stairs in this phase, the boss marks 5 people and after a few seconds of marking He throws a piece of ice at them and they deal 18k damage and they are placed on the ice. Note that if you are close to those people, you also freeze and eat damage!

What should be done? 20 people who were not marked should go up the stairs and those 5 people who have a blue mark above their heads should be in a line at the bottom of the stairs and create an ice wall, no one should freeze with them and there should be a distance!

So why build a wall? After this, these 5 people froze. The boss in the air marks a piece of land 4 times randomly, and a few seconds later, a splash called Frost Bomb is thrown to that place, and whoever is on the balcony scales it. 26k deals damage. After 4 times, phase ends and phase 1 starts again.

In order to be safe from these horrible damages (!), We have to dig behind those who froze, in such a way that: we have to see where the ground is marked and exactly behind the mark and in the shelter of those ices! At the same time The bombs should be given DpS to the ice, but the ice should not be completely destroyed, then the wall will collapse and there is no place to escape the Frost Bomb.

When the HP ice reaches 20-30%, turn off the DpS and wait for the fourth bomb to explode and give Dps immediately and release the 5 before the boss foot lands on the ground.

Question: What if the boss goes down and someone is still on the ice? If the boss goes down and someone is still on the ice, the one who is on the ice loses 10% of his junior every second and dies in a few seconds! This is where the speed of action and coordination of DpS comes into play!

Note : If one of the people who was marked was MT, it is better to give MT ice DpS immediately and release the tank. Because it is important that the tank makes its place before the boss goes down.

Note : It is very important that these 5 people freeze with HP Full, because they suffer a lot of damage before that, and it has happened many times that it dies on the spot as soon as it freezes.

When the HP boss reaches 35%, the conflict enters the most terrible and stressful phase, phase 3

In this phase, Sindragosa starts casting Debuffi called Mystic Buffet and every 15 seconds it eats 15% more damage per spell! In this last 35%, only the issue of life and death in Mayon also boss like phase 2, but only 1 person is marked and frozen.

If the rides are behind this ice, the stack will not be charged and they can empty their stack.

Also, the frozen person needs to be released from the ice immediately because it does bad damage. In this phase, the DpS will split and the melees will freeze and the Ranges will freeze.

No one should have a lot of this Debuff because the amount of damage done by each spell, including DoT Frost Aura,Frost Breath and., Increases dramatically and makes the work of the healer really hard.

Defense and Healing Cooldowns as well as Bloodlust should be used in this phase. Use whatever you have in this phase.

Especially before the Frost Breath boss hits a tank that has some of these debuffs: S The tank may take damage like 40k 50k or even 60k in this phase!

Here the Off Tank must come to the aid of the Main Tank, and after the main tank has taken 3 or 4 stacks from the Mystic Buffet , hold the boss for a few moments so that the main tank goes behind the frozen person and empties his stack and returns twice. And grab the boss and this time go back to OT and empty his stack,… by doing this, the tanks Frost Breath Breaths of Sindragosa.

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