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Earn money from World Of Warcraft

Ways to make money from World Of Warcraft

How can you earn a lot of GOLD in addition to enjoying World Of Warcraft and earn a lot of money by selling your WoW gold in the game?

Note : The following video is taken from the Aparat site, and our site has no role in preparing and editing the video, and is only intended to increase your knowledge about ways to earn money from the World Of Warcraft game.

1- Set up a server yourself : We will do this for you from zero to one hundred, all you have to do is enter the game with the admin account and manage your server.

2- Make money through WOW game jobs:

One way to earn money from World of Warcraft is to have a job in the game.

In fact, you should first choose one of the professions Herbalism or Mining (stone digging) and so on.

As you may know, you can do Alchemy through Herblism; For example, you can make flasks that are very useful in the game.

Sometimes players have to collect goals that are very difficult to find to make Flasks, which is why they prefer to buy these flowers for gold in order to get what they want faster.

So be careful if you choose the Herbalism job to earn money, look for flowers that are difficult for players to find, because these flowers have a higher price value.

Finally, after collecting flowers or stones, etc., by going to the Auction House and selling the items that you get through jobs, you can earn GOLD.

3- Make money by buying and selling items in WOW game:

Another way you can make money in a short time is to buy and sell World Of Warcraft game items.

Note that you must first have some initial gold, which is usually between 60 and 100 Gold (Gold) to get started.

Of course, in this method of earning money, the more your initial Gold, the sooner you will reach your goal of receiving more Gold.

In this way, you can buy any item worth buying from the Auction House with the amount of gold you have, and then sell them at a higher price at the Auction House.

In this way, you can significantly increase the amount of gold in 2 days.

Note that in this method to get Gold, you have to spend more time at the Auction House, for example, it is good to visit it every 1 hour.

4- Make money by boosting in WOW game:

Another way you can earn money in WOW is to boost other players.

“World of Warcraft” witnesses exciting events, the professional battles of players that immerse them in history, the emergence of Worlds and heroes that create powerful groups; Are.

Sometimes the characters, at the beginning of their adventures, do not have many necessary and exciting actions or enough experience for wars, or they do not have a weapon and the best equipment.

It is also possible that some players do not have enough time to level up their character by completing quests.

If you are a master of World of Warcraft and have the ability to Boost, you can get gold or real money in addition to enjoying the game.

You can also form a Boost group and Join your friends in it and finally share the received gold among yourself.

You can do Boost in the following areas:

• Powerleveling
• PvE Boost
• PvP Boost
• Achievements
• Mounts

Convert Gold WOW to real world money:

Now we want to tell you how to turn the GOLDs you earn in WOW into real world money.

You get some gold during the above activities, etc. In return for this gold, foreign and Iranian sites buy from you.

It is good because it can create a job and earn money, but to sell your flowers to sites and people for money, do not trust anyone because you have time and for you and your goal, this means work!



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