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The best classes for DPS

In this tutorial, we are going to show you the best dps classes in world of warcraft, and what we have planned to be better in the fields of PVP Battlegrounds and PVE Dungeons is Raid content.

This tutorial will help you choose which option if you are looking to fill a DPS role. Players should keep in mind that this is the most common of the three roles that players play in Classic WoW.

  • Below we rank the best to the weakest based on 4 different colors:
  1. Best DPS – (Best) Highest DPS rating in our DPS ranking list.
  2. Strong DPS – (Strong) Very strong, but not at the same level as the highest DPS.
  3. Average DPS – (Medium)
  4. Poor DPS – (Poor) These options are by far the lowest.


For the best DPS classes for PVP, the special specifications of DPS Class for PVP in Battlegrounds environment, the same is true to some extent for 1v1 Dueling. It’s not just dps numbers, we also consider the spells and capabilities that make PVP an advantage.

  • The best DPS for PVP
  1. Warlock Affliction
  2. Rogue Subtlety
  3. Warrior Arms
  4. Mage Frost
  5. Hunter Survival
  6. Death Knight frost


  • Strong DPS for PVP
  1. Warlock Destruction
  2. Mage Fire
  3. Priest Shadow
  4. Shaman Elemental
  5. Warrior Fury
  6. Rogue Assassination
  7. Hunter Marksmanship
  8. Death Knight Unholy


  • Good DPS for PVP
  1. Shaman Enhancement
  2. Warlock Demonology
  3. Paladin Retribution
  4. Mage Arcane
  5. Druid Feral Combat
  6. Rogue Combat
  7. Hunter Beast Mastery
  8. Druid Balance
  9. Priest Discipline

  • The weakest DPS for PVP
  1. Paladin Protection
  2. Warrior Protection

Best DPS class specifications for pve


  • The best DPS for PVE
  1. Warlock Affliction
  2. Warlock Destruction
  3. Mage Fire
  4. Priest Shadow
  5. Shaman Elemental


  • High DPS for PVE
  1. Hunter Marksmanship
  2. Mage Frost
  3. Hunter Survival
  4. Warlock Demonology
  5. Hunter Beast Mastery
  6. Druid Balance
  7. Mage Arcane
  8. Death Knight frost


  • Good DPS for PVE
  1. Shaman Enhancement
  2. Paladin Retribution
  3. Druid Feral Combat
  4. Rogue Combat
  5. Priest Discipline
  6. Rogue Subtlety
  7. Warrior Arms
  8. Warrior Fury
  9. Rogue Assassination


  • The weakest DPS for PVE
  1. Paladin Protection
  2. Warrior Protection


Classes that work well in Dungeons and Raids do not have much inclination to AOE Damage, Mage and Warlock Class are best for this, so other classes and class specifications such as Warrior and Rogue can import a lot of dps But only at one time to a specific goal and target

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