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A Man of Anger, an overview of the Illidan Stormrage story


Traitor … The truth is, it was I who betrayed. I’m still hunting. I still hate. Now the blind eye sees things that others can not. Sometimes destiny does! Now leave the fate of all of them … those who stand in front of us.

Illidan was already the night’s. As the Mayo shadow of song says of him: “Now he is neither a demon nor an elf of the night, but something beyond.” He is the twin brother of Melfiorion Storm of Anger, and he loved (perhaps still is) a bad-blooded shooter. He was the first to have the gift of extraordinary magic, but today his full powers can not be categorized. His desire for power and the secrets of domination led him to commit several heinous acts against his own people and all races of Azrut, from expelling Sargras to the courage to rebuild the fountain of immortality. He was imprisoned for ten thousand years for this act, until he was released a decade ago.

Illidan has been called a traitor for her actions against the Night Elves and now bears the title of Lord Outland.

Illidan’s voice was played in the land of turmoil and icy bed with the voice of Matthew Bang King. His voice in Susan Jihad is sung by Jeff Bennett.

Battle of the Ancients

Illidan, Melfiorion’s twin brother, practiced pure magic. As a young man, he tried to become the leader of the Druid forces like his brother, but the sorcerer told him he was on a path that was not the magic of the earth. Unlike his brother, Illidan was born with golden eyes, at a time when he was referring to a great destiny. In practice, however, this was inherently a Druid potential. Illindan was still looking for him when Tyrone and Melfiorion found their destiny. Although not a Pakzad himself, he became the personal mascot of Raven Crest’s military leader.

When Archimand’s invasion of Ezrot began and Azzara’s betrayal was exposed, Malfoy persuaded Illidan to leave the queen. Illidan followed his brother. But when Scenarius and the dragons entered the battle, Melfiorion realized that their enemies were too powerful to lose the battle. At the end of the battle, he plotted to destroy the fountain of immortality.

This idea terrified Illidan. The fountain was the source of his magic and possibly the immortality of the elves, and losing it had a graph value for him. In addition, the night elves found that the fountain dramatically increased the strength of the burning legion. Pure magic seen in the midst of their moral chaos. As the nocturnal elves continued on their land, the number of members of the Burning Legion did not seem to be declining. Satyr Xavius ​​realized his suspicion, using his distress to sow the seeds of suspicion in Illidan’s mind.

Illidan had a strong sense of romantic love for the priestly owl shooter in the Elvon sisters. Illidan aspired to impress Tiranda, who often did things without thinking, especially in magic. Illidan never realized that these plays were not real enough to impress a priestess for marriage. But when Illidan was trying to win his heart, none of them realized that the battle would end soon after it started; Tirande had chosen Melfiorion almost from the beginning. Xavius’s magical plot in Illidan’s mind instilled in him that if Melfiorion died, Illidan would have no rivals in shooting love. Finally, the defenders broke the last connection by seeing the bullet in his brother Melfiorion’s arms by the defenders.

Illidan traveled to the saddle with a new plan in mind. There he performed a false allegiance to Azzara and his heirs. Illidan’s plan was to capture the demonic psyche, an object of great power created by the death of a wing, which was able to close a gate that allowed demons to enter Kalimdor. However, by implementing this plan, Illidan will gain more power.

Illidan finally reached Sargras, who quickly became aware of the night elves’ plan to obtain a demonic psyche for the legion. Sargrass was convinced of this plan and gave Illidan a gift for his loyalty. Illidan’s eyes were opened, and mystical spheres of fire were placed in their place, allowing Illidan to see the formation of magic, and with mysterious tattoos engraved on his body. Azzhara was fascinated by this new Illidan (who was cautious about his progress), but remained cautious, sending Captain Warothon with Illidan in search of the demon.

After a great separation, Illidan landed on the top of Mount Hijal, where he found a small, calm lake. Pour the contents into three glasses of water. The energy of disorder formed rapidly, rapidly polluting the lake and turning it into a new source of immortality. Illidan’s joy was short-lived, when his brother Melfiorion, the shooter, and most of the Coldur commanders found him, and everyone was terrified.

Unable to admit that his brother had committed such a betrayal, Melfiorion tried again to persuade Illidan to follow in his footsteps. He kept secrets of the magic of nature, and this could cause the destruction to last as long as it did. Illidan refused to listen, so he became so unconscious with magical power that his brother saw in him an incomprehensible ignorance. Illidan wanted the magic needed to bring back the burning legion.

His lack of remorse forced Melfiorion to be indifferent to him and angry at him, now knowing that Illidan was lost forever to dominate magic. He said that in the depths of Hajal, a prisoner away from light and his mind should be tied up.

out of prison

Illidan withered 10,000 years in a prison without light. Califax was the guardian of the grove, and a soldier of the Night Elves, a constant and treacherous keeper. Released by the unpredictable power of the shooter, he massacred the Night Elf Guards, hoping to use Illidan against the burning legion that had returned to Azrut in anger. With the love he had for shooting and revived for tens of thousands of years because of him, Illidan agreed to help. He swore to push the legion back to get rid of the night elves forever.

Melfiorion was confronted with the shooting determination, thinking that killing the Post Guards and liberating Illidan was a catastrophic mistake. In vain, because his brother had not changed and wanted to prove to him that the demons had no power over him, Illidan left Melfiorion, took the Elves to Nightwood, and pursued the Legion. When they encountered Arthas, the Leach King warrior, they fell in battle. Illidan stopped the fight to find out why Arthas was following him.

Arthas responded in public and spoke to Illidan about Goldan’s skull, the evil object that had infected Fallwood. He explained that if the object is destroyed, the pollution of the forest will stop. To persuade Illidan, he had to bait, Arthas did not tell him the details of the power of the skull, adding that his master was aware of Illidan’s thirst for power. Although Illidan did not trust Arthas, he did find the skull and release his force.

A large evil gate guarded the skull, and if Illidan and his forces fought them by force to gain the object. Moved with necessity and power, believing that with this increased power he could free himself from the eyes of Melfiorion, he destroyed the evil sign and used the powers of the skull for himself. He gained power, but at first his danger was greater than the power that came to him.

The battle to control the skull ended at great expense and changed the strength of his object. He became demons. Illidan hid in the shadows and killed Thicandrius and his forces alone. But victory turned into destruction. Tiranda and Melfiorion explored the evil power in Illidan and became disgusted with him. Melfiorion blamed his brother, convinced that Illidan had traded his soul for more power.

Malfourion became angry, expelling his brother from the grove. Feeling lost and not appreciated for his efforts, Illidan chewed, saying, “Such a wind … brother” and left the lands of the night elf.

Allegiance to the devils

After the Legion was defeated, Illidan met with Kiel Jayden, who, when he received Illidan’s incomplete letter to the Legion, gave him his first and last chance to serve them. Kiel Jayden told him to look for the iceberg and destroy it. Nerzol had become too powerful to be controlled by Kiel Jiden anymore, and Illidan pushed him out of the equation; Instead, he gains more of the magic power he dreamed of. Illidan was recaptured by the demons and he got the ball of Kiel Giden to help him in this mission.

Through Goldan’s enchanted skull, Illidan gains access to Warlock’s memory and a plan comes to mind, but he needs an ally to help, and new recruits must be reached as soon as possible. He decides to recruit the friends he always had. .

Illidan suddenly called to come to the surface. The Nagas, formerly Koldori and servants of Azzara, aspired to avenge the Night Elves and other races on earth that survived the Great Separation. Azzara (it is impossible for most of her servants to join Illidan without her permission) sent her most powerful maid, Lady Wash, to lead what we know as “Nagai Illidan.” But Illidan still had the troublesome guard, Mayo Shadow of the Song, who insisted on following him throughout Kalimdor.

Illidan went to Nandis Cape with sincerity and satire of the servants. When they reached the Cape, Illidan stole the small ship and sailed, while a group of Nagas stood behind him to burn the ships and destroy all hope of following him.

Deal on broken islands

But, it seemed, the Illidan servants were not successful. Mayo and his watchmen reached the broken islands quickly after Illidan. And two forces fought across the blue land. Illidan reached the tomb and quickly followed him. With Goldan’s information, Illidan hurried to the tomb and reached the hall where Sargrass’s eye was. Mayo reached him as he and Wash were activating a powerful object, and Illidan used his eyes to avenge him for ten thousand years of captivity to destroy the tomb around him, and he himself quickly escaped through the underwater passage.

However, he killed all the spectators inside the tomb, but Mayo escaped due to his magical abilities. Apparently, Illidan and Mayo fought for sovereignty.

Melfiorion and Tirandeh came to the broken islands with an auxiliary force to the invaded Mayo base. When they fought, Illidan’s forces were crushed, but he and his men escaped before being seriously injured. The shooter chased them out of the base, and Illidan trapped him and warned him not to stop. He escaped by sea again.

During the battle, the shooter finally revealed why he had rejected Illidan, “too drunk with his magical eruption and political power, he has forgotten his inner strength.” Malforion, despite advancing in power. He took power into his own hands. Equipping himself with knowledge, Illidan was finally stunned by his battle.

Illidan landed on the shores of Lordran, and quickly made his way through the silver grove to Dalaran, where Illidan began using Sargras’s eyes to break the polar ice caps and destroy the icy crown and frozen bed. But he was stopped by Mayo and Melfiorion and the magic stopped. Melfiorion felt the magic of breaking the land of Illidan and concluded that he was dangerous to the world and should be stopped.

Illidan was captured by his brother, who called Melfiorion a idiot because he was destroying the Leach King, the common enemy of the two. Melfiorion was furious that the bullet had disappeared from his hand, he had to be handed over to Mayo and killed. Illidan’s heart was broken by the death of the woman he loved, but Prince Kyle Tass, the new elf ally of the night, said he might be dying. Kiel Tass explained that the shooting was not dismembered by the cowards as Mayo had told Melfiorion.

But it has fallen into the river and is going in the same direction. Melfiorion quickly arrested Mayo and immediately pursued the shooting. Illidan asked his brother to let him help find his beloved priest. Illidan, along with his personal bodyguard from Naga (Lady Wash did not have time to rescue her master), found the shooter under heavy attack by unarmed forces.

Illidan and Naga Ash continued their battle through the undead until they reached him. Tirande was amazed that Illidan had helped him, and when Illidan handed him over to Melfiorion, he was still amazed. Melfiorion told Illidan that he was free to leave as long as he no longer posed a threat to the night elves. Illidan also wished that the fight with his brother would end and he never wished to fight with a shooter.


Escape to Outland

After Melfiorion allowed him to leave, Illidan built a gate to Outland and quickly left, Mayo following him. Now that he had failed to destroy Nerzol, he knew that Kiel Jiden’s anger would not leave him, so he sought a world that was free from persecution. He fled to Outland, the ruins of Outland were a good place.

Illidan was fleeing the broken world until he was captured by Mayo and his bystanders and re-imprisoned. But he was abandoned by Kiel and Wash. Illidan accepted the allegiance of the blood elves, and Kiel succeeded him. Sin Dori mated with Naga, which was great for his plot.

Illidan pursued his original plan to rid Outland of demons to escape the clutches of Kyle Jayden, to do so he seized control of the Black Temple in the hands of Meg Theridon, the Pete Lord who controlled the Outland universe. Took. In a certain way, Ilidan closed the multidimensional gates that were a way to strengthen his forces, and they finally succeeded.

When they came to the Black Temple, Ilidan was approached by a broken Akama, who was under the yoke of loyalty to his race. Broken Akama owes money to Illidan and sends his troops to help them in the battle against Meg Theridon, who had taken over the leadership of his village with the intention of killing them all.

They took control of the Black Temple and destroyed the fortifications of Mag Thridon. And Illidan defeated Pat Lord in a one-on-one battle

Meg Theridon points to Illidan’s great power and asks him if the Legion has sent him to test him. Illidan laughs and says that he did not come to test but to succeed and defeat him.


Attack on the Ice Crown

If Illidan gathered the forces of Outland under a new banner, a storm of fire and smoke from the Black Temple and Kiel Jiden, which appeared in utterly unholy majesty. Blame Illidan for his stupidity in running away from his anger, Kyle Jiden ordered Illidan to bring in his new servants to destroy the iceberg and iceberg at his last chance to appease the demons.

They besieged Illidan, Wash, and Kiel Narthrand, and fought Anub Arak’s forces as if they were tired in the snow until they reached the tip of the iceberg. But Nerzol knew that he would be attacked if he did not think of a plan, so he summoned Arthas to Nartharand to complete his plan, which he did months ago.

Eventually, the Illidan forces clashed as Arthas and Anub Arak made their way through the brook to get there, and the two armies prepared for a Titanic battle as they tried to control the four ancient pyramids surrounding the iceberg. Take over. After hours of fighting and control, the return and battle between the two enemies continued, Arthas activated all four pyramids and opened the gates of the icy bed.

But Illidan’s work was not over yet. Artas met the weakened at the headquarters of the iceberg, the two warriors fought in battle. Minutes after the battle, Arthas overcame Illidan and wounded him.

Illidan The rage of the storm fell into the snow and he died or so it seemed. He was seriously injured but was not killed. After it became clear to Wash and Kiel that they could not destroy the Ice Bed, they retreated, eventually returning to Outland and taking Illidan with them.

It was explained that in the in-game animation, the battle of Artas and Illidan was originally designed to be a cinematic video. Time was limited and the scene was forced to end in the game. The creators are so sorry for this change that many have assumed that Illidan is dead, at which time the video should have shown that Illidan survived and witnessed the deformation of Arthas.


In World Warcraft: Burning Jihad

According to the developer’s Guide to Suzanne Jihad, Illidan knows that Kyle Jayden will not forget his failure to destroy the Ice Bed. It is said that he expects the invading forces of the Burning Legion and is therefore always ready. In the game, it is revealed that one of the ways that Illidan is prepared is to build the orcs of Phil that fight for him, using the blood of the imprisoned Mag Thridon to build such forces. He and his allies are said to be working to ensure that all remaining gates in Outland are closed as long as he is strengthening his forces. There is also a hint that Horde and the Alliance want to use those gates because of Outland’s strategic importance.

For some reason (or perhaps no reason at all) he has started his battle with the city of Shatrat, instead of allying with those who are the enemies of the Burning Legion. Kiel Tass San Strider led the first operation, which is under the direct supervision and command of Illidan or Illidan. If the goal was to consolidate Illidan’s position in Outland, it would have the opposite effect, so he unnecessarily fights with a large number of blood elves who have left Kiel Tass and joined forces with Naru in the foothills of the Scrathers. Following this, Shutrat counterattacked and the two sides are still fighting each other.


Bloody hour battle

At the beginning of the “Bloody Hour Battle” group quest, Illidan shouts at the players:

“Lord Illidan roars in a storm of rage: What ignorance allows itself to face the storm of rage in Illidan?” “Soldiers, destroy this insect.”

A legion of demons and blood elves attack the group and the players must defeat them, and in the end they fight the glorious Troluth. After Taroul is defeated, Illidan yells at who’s the final blow, invites him to battle at the Black Temple, and says.

“So you broke the red seal,” says Lord Illidan. Now you want to challenge the monarchy? Even Arthas could not defeat me. How do you allow yourself to think that? So I tell you, come on! “Come, the black temple is waiting for you …”

Illidan’s statement indicates that he does not believe it after losing to the mad Arthas. Illidan, on the other hand, survived the battle, and if “defeat” for Illidan means death, then Arthas did not actually defeat him. Such logical differences are common to Illidan. Most of his actions point to this when defending others.


Conflict in networking searches

Lord of the Black Temple

Both Alliance and Hord infiltrate the Black Temple and eliminate Illidan Akama. Akama and his ally Mayo Shadow of the Song secretly share this flow.



During the quest, it becomes clear that Akama is plotting to overthrow the Illidan dictatorship. He unites with Mayo and later releases him. Illidan is the last boss in the Black Temple and fights both Akama and Mayo and the players. During the battle, Mayo repeatedly blamed Illidan for Illidan’s suffering, from his forces guarding his 10,000-year prison to committing the crimes that led to Naisha’s death. In the end, when Illidan is close to death, Mayo refers to his defeat, but when Illidan dies, he says that female hunters are nothing without hunting, which means that Mayo’s life will not continue. Mayo had come to take revenge and it was over, he is really nothing, although he does a lot of damage to Illidan.


Illidan: King or soldier?

In the last battle of his predecessors, Illidan used a spell that reversed the Sargras portal. Tirandeh found that other people had strengthened the spell, and that these people may have been even darker than Sargrass. These were certainly the ancient gods, who wished that the gate of Sargras would return to their prison beyond the realm of the mortal.

It is also quite possible that most of Illidan’s recent acts were aided by the ancient gods. Cheap to suddenly follow him, pointing out that Wash and his cheeks have responded to Illidan’s summoning as part of a new piece (although Ashara’s former association with him, it turns out, has a different explanation). Illidan seeks to place a powerful soldier at the heart of a strategic point.

The plan of the ancient gods has gone deeper, deeper than one can imagine, they have a plan, a super-tactical conspiracy that each has only one goal: liberation. Isn’t it crazy to ask that if their principle fails, they do not want to have a final plan? No, they have another obvious reason … but it is clear what they mean.


Kinship between Illidan and Melfiorion

The kinship between the Rage of Wrath brothers is considerably different in Warcraft 3 and the Ice Bed and the Battle of the Ancestors.

For example, in the novels written by Knock, Melfiorion is more tolerant and generous than his brother, who is often portrayed as selfish, reckless, uncontrollable, and lacking in common sense. Instead of turning into an “illegal punishment” calling for Illidan to be executed, he declared his information about the Burning Legion to be critical tactical information. An undeniable reason to bury Illidan instead.

When we see the first introduction of Melfiorion and Illidan in Battle Art 3, Melfiorion gets very angry at the idea of ​​liberating Illidan. Believing that his sin was unforgettable and that he should be imprisoned. When he and Illidan reunited, Illidan taunted him about how he had been punished, and that Melfiorion hated being in a room like Illidan’s room. He was still a traitor to the illidian guardian of Illidan. Illidan, someone who seems to have been pardoned more than once.

He was eager to prove to his brother that the demons had no control over him. After Illidan used the powers of Goldan’s skull for himself and took on a demonic face. Melfiorion wanted to know where his brother was. This is a sign that he is still interested in Illidan. After Illidan revealed that he is a demon. Instead of killing him, he exiled him. Melfiorion knew that Mayo Shadow of Singing wanted Illidan imprisoned, but has not yet done so. Instead, Illidan really went his own way.

Illidan was once again seen in Battle Art 3: The Ice Bed. After two rescue shots, Illidan finds that Melfourion has forgotten him for trying to destroy the iceberg. Even if he loses the mercy of Kiel Jiden. Melfiorion’s last words to Illidan included an ominous threat about anything he would do against Caldori. Illidan also accepted it without objection. Illidan agreed that he should be known only as “years of hatred” for his brother. But he wished for an end for himself. It seems that things close to the peace and tranquility that the brothers achieved. Illidan then left and told Melfiorion that he doubted they would meet again.


Current situation

From Melfourion’s conversation with Remulus:

“Scenario is fighting alongside me,” says Molfiurion, a storm of rage. Ilidan is sitting on his couch in Outland – baby. I’m sorry that his defeat by Arthas was his turning point. Remulus has taken over his madness. He repeats the events in his mind thousands of times a day, but in his mind he is victorious and Arthas is utterly defeated. This is the end of his old friend. Therefore, I am afraid that the time will come when our covenant will be tested, and this will not be good when we are in the saddle.

The exact meaning of this sentence is unknown. It is clear, however, that Melfiorion fears that he and his brother will be tested in the near future. For 10,000 years ago, during the Battle of the Ancestors, two brothers fought side by side to push back the burning Legion in disintegration, at which point they chose separate paths. Now, with Illidan madness and change in many ways, such collaborations may be very difficult.




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