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Hodir boss tactics in 10-man mode - normal and hard mode

Hodir boss tactics in 10-man mode – normal and hard mode


Hodir boss tactics in 10-man mode – normal and hard mode

Normal mode and hard drive mode of this bus depends on a time and time of three minutes, which means that if you hit the bus in this time mode, it becomes hard mode, and if you do not succeed, it becomes normal mode, so a special tactic between normal and hard drive mode of this bus is not.

  • This boss has four Abilitie which:
  1. Biting Cold : When you start the bus, on the right side of your monitor and below the mini-map, an ice-like debuff appears, which increases the number of stacks of this debug by keeping each player fixed in one place (every second). To remove the stacks of this Dibaf, the players must be moved a little after taking each stack to cause the stack to be removed.
  2. Flash Freeze : A large ball of ice hits the ground, which turns to snow after 2 seconds, and players must quickly reach for the snow and rest on it, otherwise the player who is not on the snow will freeze. .
  3. Freeze : Frost damage boss hits players close to him and immobilizes them for up to 10 seconds.
  4. Frozen Blows : When Flash Freeze hits the ground as described above, after the players run out of that snow in the middle or the same Flash Freeze , after that, is hit, which causes all the players to suffer heavy damage. And the healers are obliged to keep the Heal Ride.

When the boss wants to start, there are four npcs in the fight that are trapped in the ice, each of which does something that includes:

  • Druid
    1. Wrath : Damages the boss every few seconds.
    2. Starlight : A light hits the ground from the top of the fight (sky), when players are inside it is 50% faster and their attack and cast speeds increase.
  • Shaman

    1. Lava Burst : Throws a spell similar to molten lava to the boss , which deals 523 damage.
    2. Storm Power : Charges one of the players with Dibafi in the form of lightning and the other players must approach this player because by approaching this player they will receive 135% Critical strike and the maximum number of players who can receive this Critical strike There are 5 people.
  • Mage

    1. Fireball : Splays like a fireball to the boss, causing 439 Fire damage and an additional 188 Fire damage in 6 seconds.
    2. Conjure Toasty Fire : A fire on the ground, players who stay close to it will not catch the Biting Cold stack .
    3. Singed : This spell Magic damage taken for 25 seconds, increases by 2%.
    4. Melt Ice : This spell also Fire damage equal to 10% of total health inflicted over 10 sec.
  • Priest

    1. Smite : Damage to the boss of Holy damage type
    2. Great Heal : Gives Heal to players close to him.
    3. Dispel Magic : Removes debuffs on players’ heads that are of the Magic type.

The main tank goes and tans the boss and the dps also start releasing the npcs trapped in the ice and start damaging the boss .

At this time, it is hit by the Abilitie boss, which we explained in full above, and according to the same explanation and the accuracy of each player to move in the fight, gradually damage the boss until the boss falls.




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