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Complete training of Warlock pet class

Complete training of Warlock pet class

پت اول: Imp

This pat has the ability to throw Firebolt. Buff Fire resistor. Buff gives Health and is untraceable for enemies when you are not fighting. At the very beginning, you will be given a mission by the trainer to level up, and your reward is this pet.

So what is its use? More as an auxiliary Dps in the arena and reeds, and if you are a Demon talent, it gives you the ability to increase the critical 5% and increase the damage in the basic spells of Fire. It also helps you in level-up


This pat gives you a shield to prevent damage to a certain amount (related to talent) and a specific time and has another spell called Consume Shadows that allows you to see your hidden enemies like a roar to a radius And the last spell causes the enemies to only damage it (Tunt). This pat is obtained by mission

Application? First, because of its protective sphere, you are used in a duel. Of course, be careful, this sphere can kill the sphere for itself, so do not use it there, then because you can see the opponent’s face, and finally in demon talent, 10% of the damage is reduced. It does


The first feature is Devour Magic, which acts like a Purge Shaman and removes a useful weave from the opponent, such as KIng Paladin, or a bad weave from you or your teammates. The second feature is Felintell, which increases your intelliganet and Yaranto. The third and most important feature is spell lock, which silences the opponent for 3 seconds, and if you do this while filling, it can not use that spell class for 6 seconds, that is, for example, if you immolate a warlock, it can not fire spell for 6 seconds. Hit, but you can hit the dice spells after 3 seconds, so be careful. The fourth feature is the shadow bite, which damages the opponent and increases the damage on the opponent by increasing the number of dots.

But the application, of course, you yourself have noticed that it is very useful in hand-to-hand conflicts with spell classes, but note that the difficulty of this pat is also high, because you have to use the first and third capabilities manually and properly, and should not be Be automatic


The first ability of this pat is to charge the opponent like a warrior, and as a result, the opponent’s 3-second stun is the second ability, like a cleave warrior, and gives some damage to the surrounding enemies (with increasing spell power, his blow power also increases) and the last ability is the Tunt ability of enemies. They are very similar to warriors

Its main use is due to Demon talent, which increases your damage by 5%, and in pvp talent, it is also a good helper, like the DK pat.


This pat is obtained by completing a mission

The first feature is Lash of Pain, which gives some damage to the opponent in the form of shadow. The second feature is hiding from the enemies. The third feature is kissing the opponent, which reduces their attack speed with their weapons by 10%. Immobilizes the opponent for 8 seconds, but the main point of this feature is that this move overlaps with your Fear and howl of terror and has a diminish return, which requires accuracy, which means that when the opponent is motionless, you should not be afraid of him anymore !!!! I will explain DR in full in the following articles

It is also used in battles with close female classes such as warriors and rojas, and on the tenon demon, it increases your damage by 5% with base spells.

So far, the pets are among the main Warlock pets, but the next 2 pats have a fan aspect, which I will briefly explain.

The first pat is infernal that falls from the sky, has a stun of 2 seconds, then 30 seconds, and in this 30 seconds has AoE spells, and then disappears, and the last pat is Doom Guard, which has a fan aspect, and after the death of the enemy on the curse Your Doom is created.

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