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In general, your hero is able to use 17 pieces of clothing, weapons, rings and earrings, which are called Items in the game .

Each piece of these items makes you more powerful. 5 of your items , called sets, are the most important, and if you use 2 or 4 pieces of 5, they will give you more power. 5 pieces include HeadShoulderChestLegHand and during the game you will see several sets that you are free to choose.

Below is a list of Items with photos shown to you.

Head Neck
Neck Necklace
Shoulder Necklace Cloak Armor
(BACK) Cloak
Chest Armor
Wrist Armband Weapon Weapon Trinket2x Earrings Finger2x Ring Feet Shoes Leg Pants Waist Belt Gloves Shirt and Tabard have no role in strengthening your hero and are only used for beauty or rep Becomes.


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