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tactic Boss of eight Prince Valanar – icc in 25 mode

tactic Boss of eight Prince Valanar – icc in 25 mode

The boss is very comfortable, for 25 people it takes 3 tanks to control three princes. The general system of this boss is such that HP can be moved between these three. To the end

Prince Valanar:

  1. Shock Vortex : A damage of 12,000 that throws players around after eating.
  2. Kinetic Bomb : A bomb that is dropped from the air by the Summon boss and starts moving towards the ground. They throw it around.

Prince Taldaram:

  1. Conjure Flame : Summon fireballs that do some AOE damage in the same air, which is not very important.
  2. Glittering Sparks : A level that the boss randomly hits one of the players and causes 14820 to 16380 Fire damage and also reduces the recipient’s Move speed by 20%!

Prince Keleseth (Left Prince):

  1. Shadow Lance : A spell in which the boss enters the Aggro Tank and deals 17063 to 17937 damage.
  2. Shadow Resonance : A good spell that bosses summon purple orbs.

point : For the left boss, a tank with good resistance is recommended to hold it.

The tank with the left boss should pull the purple balls in the hall towards itself. These purple balls should not be given DpS until the end of the work. These balls give the person 30% shadow resist, which is necessary for the tank to live. Stay away from the Shadow bolts of this boss

Note : The tank can have up to 3 of these orbs on it!

Range dps must also attack the Orb that appears in the sky and destroy them.

point : Every thinner must keep his boss until the end, even if he did not have hp boss.

Note : Kinetic Bomb or the same spheres that appear in the sky can be seen every 2-3 minutes that are summoned by a distance from the ground by one of the bosses. The system of these orbs is such that they move towards the ground at low speed and If they reach the ground, they will explode and a lot of damage will be done to them and everyone nearby will be thrown at a distance of 50 yards, so the range dps will have to focus on these orbs in time and hit them.

Now, once or twice you do not have anything to lose and reach the ground in that way, but it is very important for HCs to destroy them in time.




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