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Introducing the best Wotlk Addons Part 1:

In this article, we are going to introduce the best and most useful Add-ons of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King or patch 3.3.5.

This is generally for World of Warcraft personal servers, because as you know Blizzard does not have any servers for Patch 3 at this time.

This article will be published in several sections and add-ons that need more introduction and description will be covered in a separate post.

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Determining your rank is among the players, you can also see the rank of other players GearScore
A professional chat box replaces the default chat box with many features. Prat
Helps you complete quests. Quest Helper
Quick access to multiple outfits to optimize your PvE and PvP abilities. Outfitter
Display the Dps and Health values ​​that the people in Raid entered into the boss and each other Recount
Display alerts and spell time of bosses to Raid and most importantly show time of Enrage of bosses Deadly Boss Mods
Useful for the hunter class ZHunter
Add-on to help Warlocks manage their playstyle effectively Necrosis
By activating this Addon, a Scan option will be added to your profile and you can see the list of recipes and formulas that you do not have, as well as what percentage of formulas you have. The location where the recipe is dropped, and the name of the Mob from which the drop is displayed will also be displayed. AckisRecipeList
NPCScan helps you find NPCs easily anywhere, giving you both an audible alert and a red screen when your target is found. NPCscan
It benefits those who are interested in action house and also shopping Altoholic
Just to entertain and annoy others Redeemer

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