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Horde or Alliance is the problem!

Horde or Alliance is the problem!

In this section we want to talk about wow game races and classes, because after entering the game you have to choose your own character or hero.

I would like to say that after logging in, you will see several realms to choose from, which have different names, and these realms can vary in number and type depending on the type of server.

For example, the amount of ratings varies or their population or many other things.

Let me just say this, after selecting the hero, you have to level it up, and xp Rate means the speed of leveling up. The higher the xp rate of the Realm, the sooner your hero will level up. .

In the game, there are two alliances, Hord and Alliance, which are at war with each other and are enemies of each other. There are five races in each alliance. The races of the Alliance are:

Human – Night Elf – Dwarf – Gnome – Draeni

And Hord races are:

Orc – Undead – Troll – Tauren – Blood Elf

Each race usually has two to three abilities that vary from race to race. We have a total of 10 classes that determine the type of hero you fight, and not all races can choose all classes, and there are some restrictions, such as the hunter class for race. Human does not exist…

These 10 classes are:
Warrior – Paladin – Priest – Rouge -Hunter – Shaman – Mage – Warlock – Druid – Death Knight

New races in the Cataclysm version have been added called Worgen for the Alliance and Goblin for the Horde. You can add features to Hiroton as you wish, but if we want to categorize the roles of the class in general, it falls into four categories:




MDPS : It means fighting with weapons (sword, wand, etc.). This type of role attacks the target closely.

RDPS : This role attacks the target remotely by its own magic.

Healer : This role is responsible for giving life to others. This is called Healing. Priest-Paladin-Shaman and Droid classes can take this role

Tank : This role plays a lot and his resistance to blows is very high.

Paladin-Warrior-Droid and Death Knight classes can play this role.

Now you first have to choose which role you like and which one is more compatible with your mood (for example, if you are a person who is dedicated and loves to help everyone) and you will see that some classes can have two roles or all four roles (class Droid) but there are differences that I will write to you in the next parts.

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