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Review of three versions of world of warcraft + the latest version

Review of three versions of world of warcraft + the latest version

In this article, we want to compare and critique the last 3 versions of the game, and at the end, we will score between these 3 versions.

Because in the release of these versions, there have been several years of differences in terms of graphics and operating system, no review will be done, and most of our goal is the gameplay, story and changes of each patch of the game, which is a special point for that version.

The fifth expansion pack of the game, World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor

The first version, which is also the fifth expansion pack of the game, is called World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor, which was released on November 13, 2014. This version was able to reach 3.3 million copies in its first 24 hours, and after its unveiling, it increased Blizzard server players to 10 million. Blizzard In the previous two versions, this was a significant victory and progress for this giant of the gaming industry, which, of course, did not last long.

Initially, upgrading the heroes to Level 100, adding the land of the orcs before the explosion and destroying it, and the presence of some of the game’s old characters in the game’s storyline, including Gul’dan, Blackhand, and Grum Hill Scream. Throm’s father Grom and Durotan were attractive to fans of the game, but gradually diminished as the story continued.

One of the interesting points of this version was the addition of a toy in the game in the form of a selfie camera that the game players in different areas could take selfies. Was accompanied.

Other changes in this version of Camp Garrison that you could have from the barracks to all the jobs in the game in this camp. This camp was both a source of income in the game and a relative improvement for you. There was a section in Garrison where you could send the Followers you gained in the game on missions to bring you gold and various game items they won in battle.

But all this was repeated for the players after a while. They were waiting for a special and new change from Blizzard, which they did not achieve, and the number of players in this version gradually decreased.

Below you can see the scores of this version of the game on some reputable sites.

Game Star : 88/100

XGN: 85/100

Metacritic : 87/100

Meta User : 59/100

TitanGame: 75/100

The sixth expansion pack of the game, World of Warcraft Legion

The next version of the game is called World of Warcraft Legion, which was released on August 30, 2016. This version of the game after consecutive defeats of Blizzard company in the last few versions of the World of Warcraft was able to achieve significant success in terms of sales, number of players and the satisfaction of the fans of this game. This incident showed that Blizzard’s reign over the world gaming industry continues.

One of the most important changes and strengths of this version of the game is the upgrade of heroes to level 110. The addition of an island called Broken isles where Gul dan goes in the game to liberate the inhabitants of this area by releasing illidan and a gate for the Legions to enter Azeroth is another point of this version of the game. illidan, unlike him, along with Horde and the Alliance, to fight Gul dan with his soldiers, who are of the race that existed in the world 10,000 years ago and are also of the elf type (Demon Hunters) for both Horde groups. And the Alliance for 2 races A has been added to the game and defeats him.

In the Legion version, you get your weapon related to your class from the beginning and upgrade it in the game. This feature added by Blizzard was well received by the players.

Demon Hunter class became one of the strong classes of this game, which kept the players of this class very satisfied and made the players against them angry. Blizzard then struck a good balance in this class.

The PVP part of the game was also changed. These changes made it a little easier to get the item, which was a plus for new players.

In general, Blizzard was able to succeed in this version with the problems and shortcomings that also existed in the game and draw the fans of this genre back to the world of Warcraft. One of the most important criticisms of the patch was the relative alliance between the Horde and the Alliance, which was not to the liking of some fans of the two groups. Blizzard made up for all this in the next version of the game.

You can see the points of this version below.

Game Spot : 90/100

XGN: 91/100

Metacritic : 88/100

Meta User : 74/100

TitanGame: 87/100

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion pack

If you have played the Legion version of the game completely, the next version, Battle for Azeroth, will not appeal to you. But if it is the opposite, do not miss even 1 minute for this game.

Bfa is a continuation of the story that Horde and the Alliance, after the destruction of the legions, are now engaged in their original and old battle over Azeroth. First, the Hordes destroy the City of Night Elves led by Sylvanas, and then the Allies inflict the same disaster on Undercity, and the continuation of the game’s story begins from here.

A relatively strong story, like the previous version, adding new areas with really beautiful designs is one of the highlights of the game. Added a number of races, sailed to new areas also known as their fleets, designed beautiful headquarters, especially Boralus, the capital of the Alliance Kingdom, added Heart of Azeroth to replace the Artifact Weapons, this time with a necklace. And as the game progresses, you will level it up, another point is the latest version of the game

The centrality of the two leaders of Horde and Alliance and the return of Jaina Proudmoore is another interesting point of this version. .

In addition to all these points, the lack of important changes in the classes, the weakness of the Raids and Dungeons and the high similarity of the game with the previous version are the negative points of this version, which also had a great impact on the game’s scores. You can see the score of this version of the game on a number of reputable sites.

Game Spot : 70/100

XGN: 74/100

Metacritic : 79/100

Meta User : 41/100

TitanGame: 78/100

The latest expansion pack for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The latest expansion pack of World of Warcraft game called World of Warcraft Shadowlands in 2019 was introduced to users and fans of this game during a ceremony.

Shodlands have undergone fundamental changes compared to previous versions and many efforts have been made to make the game more attractive to gamers. You can read some of the game features in the following article:

Blizzard has not provided an exact release date for the game, but the game will be fully available to gamers by the end of 2020.

Concluding remarks

I hope you have received enough information from reviewing these 3 versions of the game. In the future, we will also review older versions of the game.

Author: Shakib Aghilifar

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